LG FUSIC LX550 Review


The Fusic's graphical menu system looks nice and is fast and easy to navigate.  There are 12 choices in the main menu (Web, Call History, Media Player, On Demand, Missed Alerts, Music, My Content, Messaging, Tools, Pictures, Contacts, and Settings).
The Fusic only comes with one standard theme, which you can choose different skin colors for (Silver, Blue, Green, and Pink).  More themes can be downloaded from Sprint to the Fusic for a price of $3.99/each for 90 days.  They range from celebrities, models, movies, cars, cartoons, and nature.  Each can be previewed before purchasing. 


Adding a person to your contacts is pretty straightforward.  With each contact you can enter the name, 5 phone numbers, 3 E-Mail addresses, group, Ringer ID, Picture ID, and web page.  With Ringer ID and Picture ID you can easily assign a specific ringtone and/or picture to each of your contacts.  When that person calls, they Fusic will play the ringtone that is assigned to them and display the picture on the display.  Once contacts are added, you can then assign them to speed dial and groups.  A total of 500 contacts can be added with 98 assigned speed dial.  Voice dialing is speaker independent and works by pressing the Voice Command button on the left side of the phone.  You can say “Call Home”, and the phone will call the number that is stored in the contacts list under “Home”.  If you just say “Call”, the phone will ask you for the number.  You then speak the digits for it to dial.  The Voice Command calling feature works a majority of the time without any problems.  The Digit Dialing is a useful feature when driving and can be used with the included handsfree earbuds or optional Bluetooth earpiece.  Voice Command has other functions as well.  It will tell you if you have any missed alerts, such as missed calls and new voicemail, and the phone's status (date, time, battery life, signal strength).


The phone's built in scheduler is an easy way of keeping track of appointments and important dates & times.  Once an event is added, the phone will alert you with an audible tone and have the information on the screen. 
The calendar and tasks are part of the scheduler.  If you need to look up a specific date, you can go to the scheduler and navigate to that day, month, and year.  Tasks can be added to each date with an alert.

There are three alarms that can be programmed separate from the scheduler.  You can choose the date, time, ringtone, and how often (Once, Daily, Mon-Fri, and Weekends)


The Fusic has 23,552KB of internal memory.  Anything that is downloaded from Sprint (games, ringtones, and themes), pictures, videos, and SMS Messages are stored in the internal memory.  The Fusic also comes with a 64MB MicroSD card.  When installed into the phone, it allows you save pictures and videos, taken with the camera, to be stored directly to it.  MP3 files and pictures from your computer can also be stored in the 64MB MicroSD card.



1. kevin unregistered

i love the Fm trans on this phone and even though sprint is now giving them away with a contract i would stay away from it ive had two of them and the buttons didnt work right on either phone from day one

2. GeekMovement unregistered

I cut the different templates in half and mix-n-match before, but this phone tend to drop calls a lot for me, so I stopped using it. The design is fine, felt a little cheap, but looked pretty nice.
  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Storage 0.0235 GB
  • Battery 1000 mAh(4.50h talk time)

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