The design of the Fusic is very pleasing.  It is a slim flip phone that fits well in the hand or pocket and is very lightweight.  The dimensions are 3.78” H x 1.89” W x .78” D.  Since the antenna is not internal, it will add another .60” in height.  Weight is 4.23oz. The shell of the phone is made out of pearl white plastic with metal being used around the keypad.

The front of the Fusic has a 96x96 pixel 65K color TFT display.  It displays the date & time, signal strength, battery level, new message alerts, and can be personalized with you own wallpaper.  The external display shows colors very nicely and is easy to read despite slight pixilation around some text.  When taken outside, the display becomes harder to read if in direct sunlight, but this is the case with all TFT displays.

Directly below the display is the circular MP3 player control pad. The buttons are Rewind/Back, Fast-Forward/Next, Up, and Down.  What is nice about them is that they only need to be tapped; not pushed-in like a standard button.  In the center is the Play/Pause button, but it does require to be pushed in.  The MP3 buttons also have a blue backlight so they are easy to see in the dark.  On the left side of the phone is the MicroSD memory card slot.  There is a protective piece of plastic that must be removed to gain access to it. Below the memory card slot is the Volume Up/Down buttons and Voice Command button.  On the right side is the Camera button and 2.5mm stereo handsfree jack. There you can plug in the included stereo earbuds.  The back of the phone is where the 1.3MP Camera and LED Flash are located.  The data port and charger port is located on the bottom. 

The Fusic opens very easily and feels quite solid.  Once opened, the first thing we noticed was the newly designed keypad.  The surrounding area is textured metal, which give the phone a very modern look. The buttons themselves are plastic with blue backlighting. The only exception is the Talk button, which has green backlight, and End button with a pink backlight. Despite the buttons being small, they are easy to press and are well spaced.  The downside to having small buttons is that the letters on them (ABC) are even smaller.  This can make TXT Messaging more difficult for some people.  The letters on the buttons should be larger. 

At the top of the keypad is the 5-way navigation control.  It gives you one touch access to the Main Menu, Messaging, Sprint Music Store, My Content, and Media Player.  On the left is the Speakerphone key and to the right is the Camera key.  Above the keypad is the Internal 176x220 pixel 262K color TFT display.  Colors look great and text is easy to read.  Our only complaint is that the display could be larger in size and possibly QVGA quality.  The internal display is also difficult to view when in direct sunlight.

The Fusic has red and green service lights, which can be disabled if so desired.  When the phone is in Standby Mode, a green service light will flash every ten seconds.  The service light will flash red every five seconds if you missed a call, have a new voice-mail, or new text/picture message.



1. kevin unregistered

i love the Fm trans on this phone and even though sprint is now giving them away with a contract i would stay away from it ive had two of them and the buttons didnt work right on either phone from day one

2. GeekMovement unregistered

I cut the different templates in half and mix-n-match before, but this phone tend to drop calls a lot for me, so I stopped using it. The design is fine, felt a little cheap, but looked pretty nice.
  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Storage 0.0235 GB
  • Battery 1000 mAh(4.50h talk time)

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