Due to the lack of a QWERTY keyboard, the Decoy’s primary function isn’t a messaging device, but you can still send and receive text, picture, and video messages, as well as connect through Mobile IM (AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo) and Mobile E-Mail.  Messages have to be entered using the numeric keypad with T9 predictive entry, which can be difficult for people with large hands since the keys are small and close together.  The Mobile E-Mail application costs $5 per month and will allow you to connect to Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail, AOL, AIM, and, as well as being able to configure it to connect to any POP or IMAP server.  We had no problems using the application and were able to view most incoming e-mails, except that HTML ones and attachments are not supported.  This is to be expected, as this is a basic application and is not as advanced as the ones found on smartphone.


The Decoy is a dual band all-digital device that operates on the 800MHz and 1900MHz CDMA Verizon Wireless network.  Non-voice data, such as Web and E-mail, are transmitted using the 3G EVDO network, but it is limited to EVDO Rev 0 speeds instead of the faster Rev A.

Bluetooth is one of the main selling features of the Decoy due to the built in headset.  It connects to the docking port on the back, and can easily be detached by pressing the release button on the top.  Once removed, there is a noticeable hole, but an included plastic cover can be snapped into place, thus covering the hole and giving a more aesthetically pleasing look.  Pairing to the headset is done through a Wizard, which provides step-by-step instructions.  Once completed, you are ready to use the headset.

It is remarkably small and lightweight, and fits easily inside the ear canal.  Located on the top is the volume rocker and a flashing blue “phone” icon on the side for answering/ending calls and using voice commands.  At first, we were quite pleased with its design, as it was comfortable and not too noticeable.  We placed several test calls to people on landline phones, and they immediately said that our voice sounded like we were talking in a tunnel with a slight echo.  Since everyone we called noticed this, we turned off the headset and used the Decoy directly.  Once that was done, people said the “tunnel” and “echo” effect were gone, and that our voice sounded clearer and easier to understand.  We also tested the headset in a car going highway speeds of 65MPH.  Due to the engine and wind noise, we could hardly hear through the headset, even though the volume was turned up to high.  Callers on the other end said they could hear a lot of background noise from the car.  Once we opened a window, they could not hear us at all, due to the lack of noise-canceling system (DSP).  The final problem we experienced was that the headset could easily fall out of the ear.  Some people may not encounter this problem, but the lack of optional earbuds doesn’t mean that one size fits all.  While walking outside, in a mall, or driving a car, every few minutes it would fall out, regardless of how many ways we tried to use it.  This, combined with the voice quality problems, was very disappointing and led us to stop using the headset after a few days.  Since the integrated headset is the Decoy’s most unique feature, and with it being this problematic, we believe that you are better off using a higher quality one that offers better voice quality, noise-canceling DSP, and does not fall off your ear.

It also offers the ability to be charged along with the phone, when the wall charger is connected, or can be charged separately using its own base station with microUSB connector.  Other standard features of the Decoy include the ability to pair with up to 20 devices, using Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and supports the following profiles: headset, hands-free, dial-up, networking, advanced audio distribution (stereo), phone book access, basic printing, object push for vCard and vCalendar, file transfer, and basic imaging.

Internet browsing is limited to the same WAP 2.0 browser that is used on all Verizon non-smart phones.  It will connect to Verizon’s Mobile Web service and provide information based on News, Entertainment, Sports, and Weather.  There is also an address bar to enter in other WAP and HTTP sites.  While in an EVDO coverage area, most WAP site will load in under 5 seconds, with HTML sites taking 30 seconds or longer, but they will not format correctly for the screen, and will often times show an “Out of memory” error message.  Due the limitations of the WAP browser, we cannot recommend the Decoy for people that need to view full HTML sites regularly.  The LG Voyager, Dare, or an actual smartphone would do that job better.



1. unregistered

its so ugly

2. unregistered

tell me about it....i wish LG would go back to making phones with standard color rather then all this chrome, pink, orange, vomit green colors, etc.

5. unregistered

actually i would prefer a nice color (no vomit green tho, or pink, or orange etc, basically no ugly colour) as it would spice up the phone and wont be so ugly, lg for GSM makes gorgeous phones but cdma so ugly, lol

3. WingMan unregistered

What is the ugly thing about it ? It is just an ordinary slider. I like the idea of having the bluetooth headset integrated into the phone, but it would have been better if it wasn't protruding that much. Cheers !

4. unregistered

its an ordinary slider. that is what makes it so ugly

6. unregistered

I own the phone, it's not as shiny as pictured, they seem to be using the silver model, which isn't what is for sale, its what the have for display models at Verizon stores. The screen is shiny enough to take fingerprints(lots of fingerprints), but you can actually see the screen just fine.Also the quality on the headset is fine for talking in a quiet spot(like a car, or in your house), but is a little poor if it's in a loud area.This is no problem because it prevents you from looking like a douche bag in public. This phone is a definite no for web browsing, pretty much like every other verizon non-smart phone. But all and all the black version on the phone that is actually sold is a much bigger improvement than the silver one.

7. unregistered

The phone is way too shiny. I've seen it in person.

8. LGChocolateOwner8550VX8550 unregistered

t is so ugly. Even with the headset out and the back cover on, it still looks like there is something missing. Why did they go back to the regular buttons instead of touch-sensitive buttons? Why three colors? I don't like the black or chrome, black on the keypad and side, and blue on the back. I like the all-around all-blue color look of my VX8550 better.

9. bud unregistered

Like the phone a lot except for the joy stick - which is no joy to use. It is too close to the case and too many times when you try to rub over it to choose something you press down and select the wrong thing - make the joystick stick up more or make the pressure greater to push.
  • Display 2.2" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Battery 800 mAh(3.83h talk time)

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