LG Cosmos 2 Review

Interface and Functionality:

One aspect that hasn’t changed much is the layout of the main menu, as it still shows categories for accessing the media center, messaging, contacts, recent calls, and settings & tools. There are some customizations you can make however, such as selecting one of the three visual themes (white, surrealism, and bookshelf), choosing their layout between tab, list and grid form, and even changing the grid icons' layout and location.

When the keyboard is slid open, the display will show a “quick menu” with direct links to messaging, favorite contacts, and social networking. While you are in the social networking menu, it shows options for Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. We tested it on Facebook, and it is basically sending SMS updates which are posted to your Facebook wall, as well as receiving SMS messages to the phone when someone posts a comment on your wall. However, you still have to use the limited Mobile Web 2.0 browser to access the mobile Facebook site for most other features.

Composing a text or picture message can be done by using T9 predictive word entry with the front numeric keypad or, preferably, by sliding the phone open and using the QWERTY keyboard, which is our preferred method. The device supports threaded messaging and displays them as quote-bubbles on the screen, which is a nice touch, but it’s still rather basic in design. Other messaging options include Mobile Email, which will allow you to send and receive email through your standard POP or IMAP accounts, and Mobile IM for connecting to people in your AIM, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo! buddy lists.

Even though the LG Cosmos 2 still contains a 1.3MP fixed-focus camera, the images that we took outside on a sunny Florida day don’t look as good and eye-catching as ones from the original LG Cosmos, as colors are now dull and fine detail is lacking. When taking pictures inside, the phone again performs sub-par, as images are fuzzy and there isn’t a flash for capturing images in low-light. We’re also a bit bummed that video recording is still absent.

When we reviewed the LG Cosmos last year, one feature that was missing was a music player. We are glad to report that the LG Cosmos 2 now comes with a music player, which will list your files by playlists, artists, genres, and albums. Even though the music player is basic in design and can’t be run in the background, it has a nice layout and will display the album cover art on the screen. Playback was loud through the rear mono speaker, but can sound somewhat distorted at high volumes.

Another feature that has changed is the newly redesigned Apps menu that will list all of your installed apps and allow you to download new ones. We really like the layout of the Apps menu, as everything is easy to find, but there is some lag when using it, not to mention when downloading a new app, such as VZ Navigator that took almost 5 minutes. This is due to the fact that the data part of the LG Cosmos 2 is still stuck in the past, using the slower 1x data connection, instead of the faster 3G EVDO. This is also apparent when using the Mobile Web browser, which took 80 seconds to load the PhoneArena site in the limited “optimized view” that dissects web sites into multiple pages, but when we turned that off, it then took upwards to 5 minutes to load the site in a quasi-HTML mode, but even then some of the pictures were missing. Because of this, the Cosmos 2 is not recommended for those individuals who are looking for a mobile internet device, but is still OK to use on rare occasions.

With the pre-installed Microsoft Bing search app, you can perform searches on the Web, Maps, Local, VZW Media, and also get directions and movie listings. If you do a standard search, it will search the Web for results, where the Local search is good for restaurants, shopping, hotels, and other local places, while the VZW Media search will scan for matching Verizon ringtones, wallpapers, games, etc.

We were surprised to see that there is now a document viewer on the Cosmos 2, which can open MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF files. Some larger files did take longer to load, and moving between pages was a bit slow, but it is still nice to have.

The LG Cosmos 2 does come with increased internal memory, as there is now a total of 90MB, of which 48MB are used of out the box, compared to only 19MB of total memory on the original Cosmos. You can also install a microSDHC memory card up to 32GB in size.



1. Charlie unregistered

Bought two of these phones for my wife and myself.The sound clarity of calls is excellent. The qwerty keyboard is okay for texting but quite small for someone with large fingers. The option of adding ring tones and music from the computer makes for easy personalization. The biggest problems we have encountered are some confusion regarding how to answer when the phone is locked (apparently no need to unlock it) and the fact that even with the keypad locked, somehow the phone will unlock and it starts asking for commands, shows odd screens, and generally is a real bother. I have the phone case which came with the Blue Tooth accessory and even in the case the phone unlocks and tries to make calls or asks for commands. Also the Blue Tooth is extremely sensitive to extraneous sounds which frequently foils call attempts. This is very frustrating, especially when on the road. Overall a nice phone, but with several glitches which should be ironed out for the next generation or model in the series.

2. agstoll

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 15, 2012

This is a terrible phone. We've brought it back to Verizon, and all they do is reset it and send us on our way, telling us that no one else has reported a problem with it. My wife will receive text messages late, it will "split" text messages into two messages for no apparent reason, and sometimes it won't pick up a call. We cannot wait for her contract to end so that we can get her a better phone. This one is terrible.

3. hipodrome

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 25, 2012

Horrible. Got it because it was cheap for Verizon with a contract. You get what you pay for. No one can hear me when I talk on it, inbox gets full so fast and if someone texts me while it's full, their texts never come in and are lost forever? It's extremely slow and lags horribly. I hit a button and it takes up to 3 or 4 seconds for it to register, so I end up thinking that I didn't hit it hard enough and push it again, and it registers twice and messes everything up. I can type a whole sentence before the words appear on my screen while texting. If I receive a text while I'm in the middle of texting, it will send my half typed text. If someone sends me a long text, they are received in multiple pages and out of order. Every time. Recently, it has started to make all of the texts I have recieved from other people blank in my inbox. Sorry excuse for a phone, literally a piece of junk.
Cosmos 2
  • Display 2.0" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP

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