LG Cookie Gig KM570 Review


The LG Cookie Gig KM570 is equipped with the manufacturer's proprietary interface for feature phones with touch-sensitive screens, i.e. not the famous S-Class. It comes with three home screen pages dedicated to widgets, Livesquare (you know it, it's that colorful thingy with lots of animals on it) and your favorite contacts. Unfortunately, the cool themes for the widget screen that we've recently seen on the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 are pretty conspicuous in their absence.

Similarly to most LG cell phones of the same class, the Gig cannot be called exceptionally fast. What we find particularly annoying is the software tends to lag whenever you enter symbols. By the way, the LG Cookie Gig KM570 offers landscape QWERTY that is, sadly, only available when writing messages and emails. Since its keys are rather small, we believe it's best suited for people with decent fingernails.

The LG Cookie Gig KM570 supports 3G (lacks Wi-Fi though) and pages load relatively fast when the function is active (even complex web pages like ours). Scrolling feels quite sluggish, not to mention that all you can see before images get fully rendered is checkered squares. You can zoom on objects via double taps and there is support Flash Lite, but all told, the browser is unfit for daily use. We would advise you to get Opera Mini 5 and despite the fact the software is not optimized for this handset, it's far superior to the integrated browser.

Camera and multimedia:

Camera, camera... ah, the camera! Yes, it features 5-megapixel sensor with autofocus and without flash. It comes with a simple interface (not the wheel that is quite common with high-end LG handsets today) that offers basic options like effects, white balance, shooting modes and several, more complex functions like macro mode and face detection.

As a whole, we are disappointed at the image quality. Snapshots have enough details, especially in pictures of nearby objects, but the horizon comes out really blurry. Colors, on the other hand, are overly surreal and thin. The situation is almost identical with the videos you capture, but the fact they are taken at high resolution (720x480 pixels) and 30 frames per seconds means they are relatively passable.

LG Cookie Gig KM570 sample video at 720x480 pixels resolution

The LG Cookie Gig KM570 features a relatively small number of relevant functions for an "all about music" handset and you've got decent equalizer, Dolby Mobile, filtering options, FM transmitter and radio that won't work until you've plugged in your headphones. It would have been great if it allowed for earphone-free operation like its sibling available with the Cookie Fresh. Finally, there is no application for access to Last.fm.

The audio playback quality is nothing to write home about. The built-in earpiece doubles in brass and functions as a loudspeaker as well. The sound it produces is annoyingly sharp though. We didn't have the chance to test the boxed headset, but the sound through one of our own mainstream pairs proved to be somewhat muffled. We have definitely seen more capable cell phones with this respect.

Video playback is not on the list of strengths of the LG Cookie Gig KM570 either. All the handset managed to play was MPEG-4 files coded in H.263. The maximum supported resolution is 720x480 pixels (D1), although watching such clips means you will have to put up with desynchronized sound and video streams.



1. node_alpha

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 23, 2010

Samsung Monte S5620 seems to be better than all these.Equiped with 3.2MP cam,HSDPA, GPS, WIFi and 3G support. Price @ $203 in India. please review Samsung Monte S5620.

4. lanka unregistered

s**t phone -no world wide support-PC connection dose not work i will newer again by LG again
  • Display 3.0" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Storage 4 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 900 mAh(4.00h talk time)

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