LG Cookie Fresh GS290 Review


One of the strengths of the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 is the pretty good in-call quality it delivers. Our callers sounded somewhat quiet, but their voices remained lively and discernible. People on the other end didn’t have any major complaints either, except for the several occasions when we used the phone while walking down a busy street.

The battery provides about 6 hrs of continuous talk time and keeps the device operational for 16 days in stand-by, which is a decent performance – worse than what the Samsung Corby S3650 offers, but certainly better than the LG Pop GD510.


Back in 2009 Samsung made a relatively successful attempt to conquer the market of affordable handsets with touch-sensitive screens by introducing the Corby series (the Corby S3650, CorbyPRO B5310, Corby Plus B3410, Corby Pop C3510) and models like the Samsung Lindy M5650. It seems LG intends to strike back in 2010 and try to win over customers with the new Cookie members. The LG Cookie Fresh GS290 does have what it takes to weather the storm and make a stand against its rivals.

The prices in this market segment are almost equalized and given the design appeal of any handset is highly subjective (the Cookie Fresh GS290 is quite far from being unattractive), what manufacturers can compete in is offering more extras. The Cookie Fresh comes with cool features like good audio playback quality, headphone-free radio and gives you the opportunity to create your own videos using pictures. We find its interface more enjoyable than the software the Samsung Corby S3650 is based on, but we would have liked the device better if it was snappier. All told, the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 is a truly likeable handset and we believe it’s one of the best affordable cell phones with touch-sensitive screens on the market today. Still, if you need alternative options, consider the following handsets:

The Samsung Corby S3650 – it offers its owners the cool option to change the overall look of their devices via replaceable panels. The display utilizes capacitive technology, which makes it more enjoyable to use than the screen of the Cookie Fresh, plus the overall operational speed is higher.

The Samsung Lindy M5650 – the music-oriented sibling of the Corby that features similar design and a number of functions aimed at audiophiles (like dedicated application for access to last.fm). Its audio playback quality is better than what the Cookie Fresh delivers, but the M5650 lacks headphone-free radio.

The LG Pop GD510 – the world’s smallest cell phone with 3-inch screen that also comes with awesome design and much better camera than the Cookie Fresh. Sadly, it’s not equipped with 3.5mm jack.

The LG Cookie Fresh GS290 is a fair choice for people on the lookout for a decent and affordable handset and you can’t go wrong with it.


  • Headphone-free radio
  • Good in-call and audio playback quality
  • 3.5mm jack


  • Sluggish when running certain applications
  • Resistive screen

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