LG Ally VS740 Review


The included 3.2MP autofocus camera with LED flash isn’t the best we’ve seen on an Android device, but it isn’t the worst. The interface is laid out well and gives you some options to select the resolution, flash, autofocus or macro, scene mode, ISO, white balance, color effect, timer, shot mode, image quality, and geo location. There is a traditional 2-stop shutter button on the side (similar to the Motorola DROID) where as you press the button down half-way to focus on the center of the screen (green box appears) and then press all the way down to capture the picture. Images that we took outside on sunny day are passable, and generally look better than ones taken by the Motorola DEVOUR, as there is plenty of color and saturation, though maybe a bit too much, as we noticed a warm tendency on most images, as well as bright areas being overexposed. Plus, shots are just too sharp, which can result in loss of fine detail. Indoor images taken under bright light come out OK, but once light levels start to get lower, the image quality goes downhill fast with them showing plenty of grain and looking out-of-focus. The single LED flash is pretty useless and doesn’t have an effective range of more than 2-3 feet. The LG Ally VS740 can record MPEG4 3GP videos up to 640x480 resolution at 25fps, though the quality is lower than what you'd experience with the Motorola DROID and HTC Droid Incredible. If you don’t require a high-megapixel camera on your phone and only take the occasional picture or video, then the LG Ally VS740 is a better choice than the Motorola DEVOUR A555, but if you want the best cameraphone images, you should go with the HTC Droid Incredible ADR6300.

LG Ally sample video at 640x480 pixels resolution.


The biggest change here with Android 2.1 is the 3D overhaul of the Gallery, thanks to the developers over at Cooliris. Much like the live wallpapers and slick animations, this amounts to little more than eye candy, but we still appreciate it very much, as it now sorts files (pictures and videos) by their folder location and by date. Not only does the LG Ally playback H.263 and H.264 encoded MP4 videos, but it is also the only Android phone for Verizon to support the playback of DivX and XviD encoded video files. We tested videos up to 720x304 resolution at 30fps with 1500kbps bit rate, and they all played smoothly and without dropping any frames.

The music player app is the stock one that comes included with Android 2.1. It is rather basic, as it has tabs across the top for the artists, albums, songs, and playlists. While the song is playing, the cover art and other song info is displayed on the screen, but there are no special settings such as a graphics equalizer or tone adjustments. Music quality through the rear speaker is average, as it has good tonal quality, but the volume doesn’t get as loud as on the Motorola DROID or HTC Droid Incredible. You can also listen to music via a pair of 3.5mm earbuds or with a Bluetooth stereo headset.


One of the benefits of using an Android device is the ability to browse and download countless apps through the Android Market, but some do come preinstalled on the LG Ally VS740. One of the most useful, and one of our favorites, is Google Maps with Navigation. First of all, it's free, unlike VZ Navigator, and uses Google Maps to overlay the interface when using it for turn-by-turn directions. The experience is almost reminiscent of what you find on Google Earth, as the perspective changes to emulate a 3D map that gives you a bird’s eye view. Within the application, you can add additional layers to overlay on the map, and there are presets like traffic view, gas stations, restaurants, and more. We enjoyed using the satellite layer as it gives an accurate representation of your surroundings as you are traveling. We were also amazed by the Google Street View integration, as it will update and show you images of the street you are traveling on, and you can also move around with 360 degree rotation. The GPS is accurate in tracking your location as it zooms out when you're on a highway and zooms back in when you're about to make a turn. Pinch-to-zoom is also supported, so you can easily zoom in or out while in the map view. There is also a Car Home menu where you can make voice command calls and easily access the map and directions. We loved the Google Maps with Navigation when we first saw it on the Motorola DROID A855 last year, and we’re glad to see it on the LG Ally VS740 as well.

A few other apps that come included on the LG Ally are Google Talk, which is Google’s own instant messaging client, and ThinkFree Office, which you can use to view or create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, as well as for viewing Adobe PDF documents.

The LG Ally VS740 comes with a Qualcomm MSM7627 processor (the same one found on the Palm Pixi and Motorola DEVOUR) that combines two ARM cores, one operating at 600MHz for applications and one at 400MHz for the modem processor. Internal memory is 512MB ROM / 256MB RAM. The device is by no means slow, but like we said earlier, we did notice some lag when moving between the homescreens.



1. eddie mcinerney

Posts: 1; Member since: May 19, 2010

it has a 3.2 inch display

2. doublej1970

Posts: 28; Member since: Apr 16, 2010

Very solid phone!! It's signal and battery life is way better then the incredible! I'm a sales rep for verizon and this phone is a very solid choice! LG makes a excellent product!! But if u like big,fast phones with killer signal and good battery life then the Motorola X is the ticket!!

3. Lizzie unregistered

this is a very nice phone. it has great features. on screen virtual keyboard, slide out qwerty keyboard, free apps, great camera + videos, and much more! however mine tends to lag from home screen to home screen or when going to different things. i suggest this phone for all ages anyways. awesome phone - 4.5 stars and 9/10 in my opinion. ~ Lizzie

4. LG Ally User unregistered

I love this phone! I wanted a smartphone that had a great keyboard but had a roomy screen. 4.9

5. Duckiedoran unregistered

I got my LG ally right when they came out, i loved it for a while, the it started rejecting my sd card, replaced the sd card, and it did it again. I've now gone though 3 replacements, it doesn't hold battery power very well. My Env would make it from the start of my work day to the end easy sometimes more then one day with out needing to be charged, my ally has to be pluged in a few times a day. It sucks battery power, the camera's ok. I'm switching out to a diff phone now, I need to be able to be away from power sources more then what this phone allows. My spouse has the same issues with the phone. It was great, for a while, battery issues have always been... I wish it would last longer then it does. Even with nothing running (or alteast what I can kill) it just sucks though the battery. 100% charged at 8am, by 6pm at soccer practice it's dead.

6. Kelley unregistered

I've had this phone since April 2011. Already I'm wondering if I should save up money and buy a Motorola Droid phone. ( Either 2 or 3. ) Memory capacity on this phone is terrible, I'm uninstalling apps and stuff a lot. Thank goodness for the pre-installed 4 GB card! Browser is laggy sometimes, typing gets slowed down on some pages and apps. I've never had luck with LG phones. :/

7. vanessaelizebeth

Posts: 18; Member since: Feb 15, 2013

This is a great little Android phone - It is not a heavy duty use phone but for a light user, it is a very capable phone. Thanks to LG for making superior cell/smart phones.
  • Display 3.2" 480 x 800 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core, 600 MHz
  • Storage 0.102 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1500 mAh(7.50h talk time)

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