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LG ARENA KM900 Review


Posted: , by PhoneArena Team


S-CLASS 3D interface:

Have you heard the saying “God is in the detail”? We are not sure what God the designers of S-CLASS 3D believe in, but they seem to have stayed true to the saying. The best aspect of this piece of software is there are numerous small features you may never encounter, because they are buried deep in different menus you might never come to use, but nonetheless they are there, waiting to give you joy if found. Well, first things first…

The first thing to grip your attention in the LG ARENA KM900 is, of course, the start-up screen. Or one of its many aspects is more like it. In reality, it is a cube with different functions placed on its sides. You can switch between its sides by sliding your finger onto the screen. You can easily see all this by tapping onto the middle button below the screen that we already told you about. The other function turns up when keeping the middle button pressed for a while. This calls up the multitasking menu on screen. Actually, LG must´ve come up with the 3D part of the name of their interface because of this cube. Let´s take a closer look at the functions that it features. You should bear in mind you can customize the content on the default side of the cube that pops up on the screen anytime you switch the phone on or navigate your way out of the main menu.

LG ARENA KM900 cube interface - LG ARENA KM900 Review
LG ARENA KM900 cube interface - LG ARENA KM900 Review
LG ARENA KM900 cube interface - LG ARENA KM900 Review
LG ARENA KM900 cube interface - LG ARENA KM900 Review

LG ARENA KM900 cube interface

First, it´s the shortcut screen. Nothing to hit you like a load of bricks here. You can place up to nine function icons of your choosing, taking your pick from the menu options. To switch over to another function you just need to hold your finger onto the screen. There is nothing to surprise you on the next screen as well, it´s definitely not the first time we´ve seen widgets on LG´s touch sensitive phones. Similarly to the Renoir, you can call them up on the screen at once and scroll up and down between them. The fly in the ointment is there are only few, actually just eleven and option to download additional ones is missing.

Shortcut screen - LG ARENA KM900 Review
LG ARENA KM900 Review
Widgets - LG ARENA KM900 Review
LG ARENA KM900 Review

Shortcut screen




The next two screens are a whole lot more thrilling. Unlike the prototype, they don´t seem to lead to fast food diners, but they rather open up portals to other dimensions. We found ourselves in a Barbie doll world by mistake and honestly, Ken had some real troubles keeping up. Of course, we are joking. Now, seriously, the first one allows access to your favorite contacts. They appear in a rainbow-like pattern with their assigned pictures on the screen. Aside from looking pretty cool, the app lets you take your pick with ease, you just need to choose up to 30 from all contacts you have on the phone.

Favorite contacts - LG ARENA KM900 Review
Favorite contacts - LG ARENA KM900 Review
Favorite contacts - LG ARENA KM900 Review
Favorite contacts - LG ARENA KM900 Review

Favorite contacts

We marked the multimedia player for dessert. You can load up to 15 songs, video clips or pictures and have them at hand all the time. The above mentioned restriction makes us think most people would rather place their favorite video clips there than other content on quick access. Or you can simply come up with a list of songs that set you mind at ease and go for it anytime you like. The way software plays the songs really goes over with a bang with us. There´s album art popping on the screen when a song starts and you can see a CD spinning round. Skipping to the next track is as easy as sliding your finger on the screen. Unfortunately, the horizontal view is only available when watching video or browsing picture galleries. Ah, we almost forgot. You favorite multimedia content can not only be arranged in a grid-like pattern, but in a column as well, with all pictures and videos clearly separated from the music files.

The multimedia home screen of the LG ARENA KM900 - LG ARENA KM900 Review
The multimedia home screen of the LG ARENA KM900 - LG ARENA KM900 Review
The multimedia home screen of the LG ARENA KM900 - LG ARENA KM900 Review
The multimedia home screen of the LG ARENA KM900 - LG ARENA KM900 Review

The multimedia home screen of the LG ARENA KM900

LG ARENA KM900 Review
Well, we´ve spoken enough about the LG´s cube and its sides. There is a row of icons at the bottom of the screen that allows you to quickly dial a number, access your contact list, message box and main menu. Nothing out of this world, really. They are large enough to click with your fingers. A drop down menu appears if you touch the upper part. It lets you activate the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, set an alarm clock, turn the music player on, take a look at missed calls and set up you ring style profile. It´s quite similar to the menu of the KF700, but only the most important options have found their way to the LG ARENA KM900. Unfortunately, the menu is only accessible through the home screen.

LG ARENA KM900 Review
LG ARENA KM900 Review
As a whole, we do like it much better than the Samsung´s TouchWiz interface. Those of you used to the iPhone´s one would certainly go on saying they´d rather have all icons in one place. Oops, the LG ARENA also offers something similar. You just need to enter the main menu.

It´s the main reason why the phone looks so much like the iPhone when you see it in a picture. The main difference is LG has sorted all icons by relevant category. You can change their places, but they can only switch places remaining in the same row they belong to. So, you always have communication-related icons in the top row (contacts, recent calls, messages, browser etc.), multimedia icons below them (player, camera, video camera), the organizer functions coming up next (calendar, notes, alarm list) and finally settings. Actually, the same division exists on previous manufacturer´s models as well, it´s just that everything is merged together now, so you have to scroll the rows sideways in case you need to find a less important function. All icons become visible if the screen is in landscape mode.

LG ARENA KM900 Review

Let´s get back to the God and the details. S-CLASS 3D swarms with animations and various nice effects that can really make you scroll through menus just for the kick you get out of watching them. They all play smoothly and look great, but are often followed by a slight response delay that can be get slightly annoying, say, you calendar starting up in five or six seconds. The screen is very sensitive to touch, but scrolling could have been implemented better. There´s just no way you can speed it up so you can go over a list faster as it is on the iPhone. You rather need to keep sliding your finger until you find what you need. Anyway, we have only two remarks to pass here. First, the icons are rather small. You can live with that, but people with thicker fingers may find the icons the LG ARENA KM900 uncomfortable to use. Second, the accelerometer is either not really sensitive or just works slowly with the final result being you really need to give the phone a good shake to get it to rotate the view. Most applications work in landscape mode, which makes them pretty comfy to use with both your hands.

The good news is there are changes for the better not only in the main menu and the home screen. All interface elements have been properly implemented, have a finished look and are definitely better than anything we have seen coming from LG by now.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. McMillian (Posts: 29; Member since: 07 Apr 2009)

I want this phone so bad!!!! does anyone know if it's coming to America?

posted on 01 May 2009, 12:46

2. jhonch (Posts: 2; Member since: 01 May 2009)

Do you have the manual guide for this phone?

posted on 01 May 2009, 13:27

3. jhonch (Posts: 2; Member since: 01 May 2009)

Sorry, i found ithttp://manualfile.net/lg-km900-arena.html

posted on 16 Jul 2009, 10:24

4. benjack (Posts: 1; Member since: 16 Jul 2009)

I bought the phone a month ago or so, and I sent it back one week later because it was so bad that it was almost not usable. The interface is a copy of the iphone, and it is packed with features, but most work badly. A few examples : - in the music player, when you sort by album, it actually sorts by artist name - even with the autofocus, the pictures are blured - you cannot play a youtube video trough the wifi, you have to be connected to the internet trough you phone company - the web browser is so bad that you basically cannot click on links, buttons, or select boxes - and the worst of all, one day it refused to make a phone call saying that this feature was not implemented in the current firmware!!!

posted on 22 Oct 2009, 17:02

5. kronos1 (Posts: 12; Member since: 16 Feb 2009)

Superb phone...extra voice clarity in phone conversations very good camera, had no issues with it...it is 5 months in my possession and so far so good.

posted on 03 Nov 2010, 19:06

6. Le (unregistered)

Which is better: Lg Arena or Omnia 2 /Omnia Lite??
I want to buy one, but I don't know yet.

posted on 29 Sep 2011, 18:53

7. sa (unregistered)

it did well for about six months, but then it went all wierd. it turns off all the time for no reason, and doesnt store many messages at all. now everytime i take a photo or go to look at the photos it turns off. also when i plug it into the computer it disconnnects itself, and the battery life is painfully short.

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