Kyocera Milano Review


Callers really liked the quality of the Kyocera Milano, rating us an 8.5/10. They said it was one of the better devices we’ve tested and that it was not nasally, distant or hollow. On our end the volume was quite good, though callers sounded a bit hollow. Still, voice reproduction was accurate. Battery life is rated at a respectable 7.7 hours of talk time.


The Kyocera Milano is not a perfect phone by any means. For starters the screen is very poor by just about any standard, which is a big component of the user experience. The processor is a mere 800MHz and memory is just half a gig. All of that said, for a budget smartphone it runs fairly smooth and has a great keyboard for tapping out texts and emails. Smartphones are no longer just for the sophisticated and the suits, and this phone is squarely aimed at the teens and tweens who want a bit more from their messaging device but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Our budget smartphone pick on Sprint still remains the LG Optimus S, but for those who need the QWERTY the Milano is worth a look.

Software version of the reviewed unit:
Android 2.3.4
S/W 1.002SP


  • Great keyboard
  • Good call quality
  • Fast performance for a budget phone


  • Small, poor quality display
  • Not a lot of memory

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