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Kyocera Echo Review

Kyocera Echo

Posted: , by Brian K.



Kyocera Echo Review
Callers weren’t very impressed with us on the Echo, rating us a 7.5/10 and complaining that we sounded very hollow and also tinny.  Those sentiments were echoed on our end, with the caller sounding very distant and harsh.  This sound is not unfamiliar to us, we’ve seen it on many past low-end Sanyo devices, but were hoping for a lot more out of a flagship device.  The battery is expectedly bad, but to be fair it has two screens to power and Kyocera does throw in an extra battery with charger (something Samsung charges $39.99 for on the Epic 4G.)  That second battery got a lot of use because even with moderate use we could go through an Echo battery in a matter of hours.


There is a lot to like about the Kyocera Echo, and the phone no doubt suffers from the “first” plague.  We applaud Kyocera and Sprint for spurring innovation so we can’t be too hard on the Echo, and with the first dual-display device Kyocera has set the standard and done an admirable job.  Once you get used to Simul-task it can be very helpful, tablet mode makes browsing the web a very pleasant experience and we hope to see many cool apps that will take advantage of the dual displays.  All of that said, the overall experience is hindered by system lag, the styling is atrocious and if it weren’t for the dual-displays the Echo very much feels like a dated, mid-range device.  In short, it doesn’t justify its lofty price point.  Its cool, just not for us yet.

Kyocera Echo Video Review:


  • Dual high resolution displays that combine for a 4.7” tablet mode
  • Mostly vanilla Android experience
  • Comes with an extra battery and charger


  • Lag, lag, lag
  • You can’t do much with two displays for now
  • Battery life is awful
  • Call quality is poor
  • Build materials and design could be better
  • Very high price point
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8.84 Reviews

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posted on 18 Apr 2011, 10:55 3

1. Richard (unregistered)

I bought the ECHO yesterday and absolutely love it!! The best part of the device is the email experience. You get a preview pane on the top and your inbox messages on the bottom. All you have to do is tap a new message and it is diaplayed on the top screen. This will save me a lot of time. I also like the ability to keep my email on one screen and browse the web on the other. I had email running on top screen last night with gamecast on the bottom. Like the review said, not bad for the first version but some room for improvment. I have always loved Sanyo and it's been a while since I've had one.

posted on 18 Apr 2011, 11:54 1

4. SprintJunk (unregistered)

Don't count on Sprint to update the software, I have the Samsung Moment that they said would get updated to 2.2 and it did not.

Your review of this phone is exactly what I was expecting:
Hinge system will break in matter of weeks.

posted on 18 Apr 2011, 13:51 3

6. user139 (unregistered)

Come on, the moment? The moment will never be updated to 2.2 the hardware wont support it. BUY A NEW PHONE. "Dont count on sprint to update the software"? Really? Dont count on customers to be educated. Buy a good device in the first place, do your research and dont think the technology is perfect. Try that first and then complain about your carrier. If your still using a moment, you shouldent even own a smart phone.

posted on 05 May 2011, 22:43

15. tomy2011 (Posts: 1; Member since: 05 May 2011)

Hey, I agree with you about Sprint getting a 2.2 froyo for Samsung Moment. However, the phone is able to support 2.2 froyo. You can see that on XDA website. Thank you for your comment

posted on 18 Apr 2011, 13:54

7. user139 (unregistered)

Furthermore, Have you had this device in your hands? No? Then dont comment on the hinge. Ive used this for about a week and it actually impressed me. Its not without its flaws, but far from junk. The last thing to break on this will be the hinge. Dont be ignorant.

posted on 18 Apr 2011, 14:03

9. Allday28 (Posts: 283; Member since: 19 Nov 2010)

Ummm i did go see it today and its straight junk and ugly at that!!

posted on 20 Apr 2011, 17:33

14. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

lies, Sprint never said it was gonna get 2.2, in fact, they were on the record and said no androids released before 2010 were gonna get 2.2, but all androids released in 2010 would get it, and they kept their word, as all android devices in 2010 either had 2.2 built in or got updated... eventually.

posted on 18 Apr 2011, 12:23 2

5. jovy121 (Posts: 14; Member since: 14 Mar 2011)

If this phone said VERIZON on it instead of Sprint it would no doubt have a 9 out of 10 or possibly a 10 on it. Hey phonearena how much does verizon pay??? It looks like a good phone, It's not meant for everyone. It looks like its meant for teenagers. Not those super techy people.

posted on 18 Apr 2011, 13:54 3

8. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

lol really jovy? Everyone knows that PA is paid by apple to lick the crome clean on the logo every day.
Honestly, the phone got a higher review than i thought it would.

My only thing with the article is that they called a 1ghz snapdragon "top tier" when its lower mid tier now (my how fast things change..lol) when you put it beside a Hummingbird or anything dual core which is the new top tier.

posted on 18 Apr 2011, 19:42

10. Dre (unregistered)

This review just sounds wrong to me, Cnet and Phonedog gave much better reviews and scores. This one seemed to just pick at any and everything.....kinda like every review PA has ever given to a android phone.

posted on 19 Apr 2011, 06:58

11. nick (unregistered)

wait...what? 3.5+3.5=7. x_X

posted on 19 Apr 2011, 07:53

12. egraves (unregistered)

The width of the phone is 3.5 for each screen so when opened you only get the 5. whatever

posted on 19 Apr 2011, 21:37

13. Boti95 (Posts: 162; Member since: 05 Sep 2010)

Does this have an autofocus camera???

posted on 17 May 2011, 01:47 3

16. Ben (unregistered)

the phone is awesome. the battery life sucks but i drive for a living so i am able to charge whenever. i have 30 days to decide if its for me or if i want the nexus s. im leaning towards keeping the echo. i read a few reviews that werent so nice before i bought it but i like to make my own choices. if i shaped my life from reviews id be watching the kardashians and listening to lady gaga. no thank you. read books, listen to real musicians, and dont believe everything they tell you. lol

posted on 26 May 2011, 11:23

19. bsanders18 (Posts: 1; Member since: 26 May 2011)

I agree with everything you said lol

posted on 18 May 2011, 20:01

17. saw22 (unregistered)

hey my dad says that its not the hing that will break its the springs what do u guys think

posted on 18 May 2011, 20:06

18. saw22 (unregistered)

o and how long does the battery last

posted on 12 Aug 2011, 12:59

21. MarkJ (unregistered)

I've had the Echo from the very beginning (in fact 3 days prior to the official launch as a Sprint Premier customer). The phone has been fantastic!

It's now been 4 months of heavy use. The hinge is rock-solid still. I've also dropped the phone numerous times as well as had friends try to force close it thinking the hinge worked like a book. Nothing so far has phased the build on this phone. It looks like a brick and it's built like a brick. For me, that's good.

The only negative really is the lag. This I blame on RAM, processor, and internal memory. When the phone isn't loaded down with apps (after a fresh reinstall of the OS) it flies. (This is true for most any Android device.) After being loaded up with apps it lags quite a bit (also true of most any Android device). A dual core cpu and more RAM, not to mention on-board memory would go a long way in making the lag issue less of a problem.

The battery life is fine. I've had several Android phones with large screens (EVO 4G) and several webOS phones (which I loved and hated parting with) which all had similar battery life to the Echo. Calling the battery life abysmal is an exaggeration for sure! It's on par with every device I've owned, making the extra battery a major bonus! The two batteries combined get me through an entire day of regular use easily.

Now, for what's awesome about this phone. The two-in-one aspect of this phone is so, so great! It's a perfect sized ereader with a near 5" display one second, and seconds later, it's an iphone sized handset. Web browsing, games and books have never been more awesome. Throw in the 32gb card I've got and this is far and away the best all around device I've had in years!

posted on 21 Aug 2011, 13:23

22. micahbzrk (Posts: 1; Member since: 21 Aug 2011)

I want this phone...i just wished it had a ffc

posted on 14 Sep 2011, 08:22

23. madcowmilau (unregistered)

Phone arena is great. CNET is the one who is bias.
Keep up the good work guys.

posted on 26 Sep 2011, 12:31

24. marcel123 (unregistered)

Can someone tell me how to send picture mail on this phone..because i can send pictures but people dont recieve them.. i can recieve pictures but my picture say it is sent but the person does not recieve them someone help....

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Kyocera Echo

Kyocera Echo

OS: Android 2.3 2.2
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PhoneArena rating:
Display3.5 inches, 480 x 800 pixels (267 ppi) LCD
Camera5 megapixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core, 1000 MHz, Scorpion processor
0.5 GB RAM
Size4.53 x 2.22 x 0.68 inches
(115.0 x 56.5 x 17.2 mm)
6.80 oz  (193 g)
Battery1370 mAh, 7 hours talk time

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