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Achieving clear sound under strong gusts of wind can be a challenge for any Bluetooth headset, but does the Jabra WAVE really stand out of the crowd? Well, frankly it successfully eliminates a great amount of wind noise, especially if a foam sock is used on the boom microphone. Unfortunately, even though the other party could pick whatever we were saying without much effort, our voice did not sound as loud as one would expect it to be. Besides that, we did sound a bit digitized and unnatural on the other side of the line, probably because  the headset's DSP processing was manipulating the sounds in some way. Nevertheless, we could hear the other party loud and clear without even the need to turn the headset's volume up to the maximum. Overall, the sound quality that the WAVE delivered was pretty good, yet still not exceptional enough to leave us speechless.

The Jabra WAVE is rated for 6 hours of continuous talk time, which is not the highest figure that we have ever seen, but it should be more than enough to last you throughout a day or even two of heavy usage. Few thing that bother us, however, are that the charger's cable is a bit shorter than it should be, and that a microUSB cable for charging from a USB port has been inexplicably omitted from the set.


The Jabra WAVE seems suitable for those of you, who are fans of the professional looking behind-the-ear design, and who need nothing more than a reliable Bluetooth headset that can be used for a whole day at a time. With its good wind noise reduction capabilities and fair price, the Jabra WAVE will definitely gain a lot of fans. Our only major complaints are that the earphone does not fit perfectly over the user's ear, and that our voices were simply not heard loud enough on the other side of the line. That being said, make sure you try the Jabra WAVE on your ear before you buy it, and if it feels right, then purchasing one will not be something you will regret.

Jabra WAVE Video Review:


  • Great wind noise reduction
  • The behind-the-ear design gives it a professional look


  • The earphone could have been more comfortable
  • The other party could not hear us loud enough

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1. john1967

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 25, 2013

i am using jabara wave last four months ,I am quite unhappy with jabara wave becouse one thing is its poor battery back up and another thing is if you are use it more than an one hour its really uncomfortable to the ears

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