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Jabra STONE Review

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The specific form of the Jabra STONE makes the headset extremely comfortable to wear, but you better avoid moving your head much, because you always get the feeling the gadget is about to fall off. And the reason is the earpiece does not fit snugly to your ear. It’s a cool thing the device is really light-weighted and will not get you tired even if you use it for a whole day. The disadvantage of the design is the Jabra STONE is best suited for a normal to large sized ears (the hook can be easily extended, but cannot be bent inwards any further), so people with smaller ears might find it somewhat uncomfortable to wear.

Jabra STONE Review
Jabra STONE Review

The in-call quality is quite nice as well, although not nearly as good as what the Plantronics Discovery 925 delivers. Our callers sounded relatively realistic, but there was constant, unobtrusive white noise. During our tests people on the other end complained we sounded slightly muffled. On the other hand, using the Jabra STONE while walking down a busy street proved to be a great experience and the gadget came off with flying colors, managing to isolate environmental din almost entirely, thanks to the integrated Noise Blackout Extreme technology that is, however, powerless against strong gusts of wind.


The Jabra STONE comes with unique overall design that we believe will appeal to high-tech fans. The headset is exceptionally comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time and offers all modern extra features like simultaneous connectivity to two cell phones, A2DP for listening to music, etc.

It’s not a perfect device either. Its price tag of $129.99 makes us wish the gadget delivered better in-call quality and properly implemented touch-sensitive control band. Due to the specific overall shape, we would rather advise you to try the Jabra STONE before actually buying it, since you are almost out of options if you need to adjust the hook to get it to fit your ear perfectly.

We need to point out it’s just seems the gadget is incompatible with certain ear types and that’s that. People who don’t find the Jabra STONE comfortable to wear might consider the new Jabra ARROW or the Plantronics Discovery 925.


  • Unique design
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Cradle that charges the gadget


  • In-call quality could have been better
  • Rather unhandy volume controls
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Jabra Fan (unregistered)

I have used the Stone for about 4 months now. The biggest complaint is that the speaker placement makes it difficult for me to hear the sound. If I push it into my ear canal the speaker is so tight against my ear that it muffles the sound. If I leave it out of my ear canal the volume is too low to be heard. The only way I get this headset to work well is to hold it slightly twisted forward to direct the speaker into my ear. I would not recommend this to anyone, especially without testing it thouroughly to see how it fits in your ear. Unlike other headsets - this one has NO adjustment ability.

posted on 15 Aug 2011, 23:21

2. jabra fan 2 (unregistered)

I recommend this jabra stone to no one...It wont even fit into my ear, and the volume isn't clear. I can't hear very well unless I hold the stone to my ear...Can u replace this one. I didn't purchase it from u but it is one of your stones.

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