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Jabra BT620s Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review

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Like with many other headsets, pairing follows a standard algorithm that is applicable to numerous types of units – while the device is ‘off’ one has to hold the multifunction button and keep doing so even after the headphones start operating. When the control lights become ‘steady’ blue, search for them on the telephone and enter 0000 to connect.

You can use two devices with the headset at one and the same time; one will use the headset/headphone profile, whereas the other gets connected via the music and the remote control profiles – A2DP and AVRCP respectively. In order to add a second device, simply repeat the procedure – turn off the headphones, then hold the button until pairing mode is on.

As a headset, the phones dispose of all the standard options for telephone commands. They can be called through various combinations, involving the multifunction button: ‘tapping’ it will switch voice commands while pressing – dial the last number. The same two actions, but at the time of an incoming call, will respectively answer or reject it. And if you are listening to music meanwhile, it will automatically stop and remain ‘paused’ until the end of the conversation, and then – continue playing. It is displeasing that the call is indicated by a pre-set tone of the headset rather than by one from the telephone.

Being music headphones, BT620 can turn into a remote control for your phone or other device via the AVRCP profile. The right button plays/pauses/stops the music that is being listened to and tracks are changed by the buttons on the right earphone. At holding them you will cue up or rewind a song; the latter, however, depends on the telephone itself: while testing it with a Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone 5.0 device (HTC Wizard) this function is not available, whereas with a much simpler unit like T 619 it operates trouble-free.

Battery performance - Jabra BT620s Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review
Range - Jabra BT620s Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review

Battery performance


Regarding the headphones quality assessment, we will test their performance at music reproduction and when used as a hands-free device.

Listening to music on this wireless unit is once again rather disappointing – the bass is not strong enough and lacks both detail and depth. Not so with the middle frequency range: they sound better and remain comparatively clear, vocals are distinctly audible. As a whole there is little detail in the music ‘environment’, leading to insufficient sound perception and less emotion in listening.

As with Nokia’s stereo, the conversation sound here is not the one that we would like to hear from stereo headphones, either: sound volume is about the average compared to a phone’s or other (monaural) Bluetooth headsets. Voices are comparatively real, however the lack of high frequency makes the overall sound picture a bit unclear at times. The other side can hear you at normal volume and the sound is slightly muffled, but still comprehensible. The DSP system will be of help in a noisier environment, enabling conversations despite surrounding music, passing cars roar in the street, etc. The negative impact of wind is also significantly reduced by the DSP.

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