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Jabra BT500 Review

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To place the headset on your ear, you have to bend its upper part a little, so that it fits behind your ear and the minigel goes into your ear. This can be done single-handedly, but since the rubber is not the most flexible one, we had to use both hands. There are two types of minigel in the set: a small one and a big one. We used the former, which does not go so much into the ear, but nevertheless we started to be disturbed by it already after 20 minutes the first time we put it on. The second time the ear was obviously more used to it already and we felt comfortable after wearing it for over half an hour. In both cases, however, the headset itself was not heavy on the ear and we hardly even felt it there.

Jabra BT500 Review
Jabra BT500 Review
Jabra BT500 Review
Jabra BT500 Review


In our view, BТ500 is not worthy of replacing BТ250. The latter was really perfect for its time, while the one we’re reviewing is a little old-fashioned, hardly changing a thing as far as functionality goes. Its main shortcoming is the lack of DSP, which results in the low sound quality in a noisy environment. Regardless of this, Jabra BT500 is stylish, it fits comfortably on the ear, hides behind it and simply does its job without disturbing you. If you use it in a noise-free environment, e.g. an office, it is an excellent choice.

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