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Jabra BT500 Review

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Jabra BT500 Review

You have to connect the headset to you phone, so that you can start using it. After you switch it on (holding down the Call key), you have to hold down the pairing button and the mode that the device will enter into will be signaled with a solid blue light from the LED.

After it is put in this mode, you should pair it with your phone through the latter’s menu (see the picture).


BT500’s sound is just what we have expected: you are likely to experience problems in noisy environment. All surrounding noises will be heard during conversation, due to the lack of a DSP system, and in case of strong wind everything else will be muffled. It can be used in the car, but if you open a window, so that it becomes noisier in the car, again you are likely to have problems. If you’re using the phone indoors without any ambient noise, the sound will be loud and clear thanks to the fact that the headset enters your ear and allows you to hear well even if it is not very quiet around.

The mic performs more poorly compared to the speaker and your voice arrives muted at the other end, the high frequencies of the human voice are heard poorly and on the whole you’ll sound a little unclear.

Talk Time - Jabra BT500 Review
Range - Jabra BT500 Review

Talk Time


By testing the battery we found that the headset can last for 7.5 hours of calls at the maximum volume. This is very close to the 8 hours, promised by the manufacturer and a little above the average. However, some other headsets without DSP can last for over 10 hours.

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