Attaching the headset is easy, even if you have never used a Bluetooth headset before you will hardly have any problems. You have to slide the earhook behind your ear and then to adjust the headset to the most comfortable position for you. The hook is soft and flexible and that enables you to “shape” it into a form that will best fit to your ear and will be comfortable for you.

The stable attaching of the device, to a great extend, depends on the type and size of your ear. If you have a smaller ear, the headset is loose and when you bend down or make abrupt movements it sways and it could even fall down. If your ear is bigger, then you can put the back part of the headset in it, right on the entrance curve of the auditory canal. The headset is a little bit more stable in this way but still its stability greatly depends on your movements. We find that in both cases the attaching mechanism of BT350 is rather unstable and this is a serious reason for you to try the device very carefully if you like it and want to buy it.

We did not feel any discomfort after the extended wear of Jabra BT350 (for about 2-3 hours) and we can say that it is a very comfortable and pleasant device to wear.


Jabra has made some changes in BT350 compared to BT150 and we consider the former to be an improved version. Vibration, several extra functions, and an USB charging cable have been added, as well as an LED indicator that features three different colors (blue, red, and green).

However, sound quality during conversation remains as inadequate as before, so at times words of both collocutors are likely to be rendered incomprehensible. In our view, this is a serious drawback.

Still, if you have to make your choice between BT150 and BT350, the latter will be an undisputed favorite for the simple reason of offering more functions at the same price.


  • Comfortable during extended wear
  • Comfortable control buttons
  • Vibration


  • Sometimes the voices are unintelligible during a phone call
  • The attaching mechanism is very unstable
  • A big and rather heavy headset

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