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Jabra BT250 review

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The pairing process is easy and straight forward. Just press the power on button for 6-7 seconds, after which the LED with turn solid Blue. Then initiate search from your phone. After finding the BT250v, enter the "0000" password and you are all set. The headset supports both the Headset and Hands-free profiles so no worries there.
  The BT250v offers the standard features we come to expect today from a Bluetooth headset - call answer and end, last number redial, call-waiting, but is lacking the Mute function.

When it comes to comfort, I personally have not seen a better headset then the BT200-BT250 series. Most headsets are designed so you just put it on for the duration of the call, and then put it in your pocket. The BT250 again offers the best comfort when it comes to continuous wearing of the headset for 3-4 hours and more. At some point which for me personally is like 6+ hours, discomfort is definitely strongly noticed, but with the other headsets such discomfort is perceived way too soon.

Jabra BT250 review
Jabra BT250 review
Jabra BT250 review

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