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Huawei IDEOS X5 Preview

Huawei IDEOS X5

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Huawei IDEOS X5 Preview
So far, we find the calling quality with the prototype to be acceptable thanks to the natural voices heard on both ends of the line. However, we find the earpiece to be lacking in volume which required us to shove the phone closer to our ear to hear voice properly. And with the speakerphone, it reacted the same way because volume output seemed to be lackluster – even at the highest setting. That's one thing that we'll check once more when the final unit becomes available, seeing that Huawei engineers might still have some work to do with it.

Since our prototype only connected via EDGE, it doesn't particularly paint the true telling of its battery life. Though, we have to admit that on normal usage, it managed to provide us over a day of battery life before requiring a recharge. Obviously, 3G connectivity will impact the results more and we'll be able to further gauge its level with the final unit.


First and foremost, the Huawei IDEOS X5 is by far a refreshing departure over the offering we experienced with the T-Mobile Comet – Huawei's last Android powered device for the US market. Positioned to being a mid-range device, we're glad that it dances on the fine line of being a high-end model with its high-resolution display and availability of 720p. Furthermore, the design and construction are vastly superior to the Comet – even though it might come off as being like any other typical touchscreen phone on the market.

However, one thing to keep an eye out for is what pricing will grace this Android 2.2 device. That's because it'll have a drastic effect on winning over consumers – especially in the US where its brand recognition isn't as prominent. If it were given a price tag under $100, it'll easily attract customers with its mix of features and would be able to rival the LG Optimus One as the device with the most bang for the least amount of money. But if it were to tangle between the $150 to $200 price range, it might quickly be overlooked in favor of some of the other well known Android devices out there.

Huawei IDEOS X5 Video Preview:

This is our preview based on a preproduction unit, expect the review soon.


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