The 8 MP rear shooter on the phone sports a dual LED flash, and the phone enters very quickly the camera interface when you tap the icon. The camera is also pretty snappy when focusing and taking a shot - about a second or two, depending on the lighting. 

There is an HDR mode, along with the stock Panorama and funny faces options in the interface. Huawei throws in a low light mode, too, as well as a large number of color effects you can apply to your photos and videos. 

Detail is somewhat less than what we would expect in pictures from an 8 MP camera, but the phone usually nails the white balance, and the photos look eye-pleasing with the high contrast and saturated colors that Huawei’s processing algorithms embed by default.

Noise is sometimes an issue, especially indoors at low light when it ratchets up significantly. The dual LED flash is fairly weak, too, and doesn’t distribute the light evenly, leaving overexposed regions very often.

The handset records 1080p video with 30 fps, but the frames lower to 24 inside, and the autofocus starts wandering around when the lights dim down. Continuous autofocus doesn’t work well, forcing you to tap on the screen for focusing on a nearby object while recording video, and then return focus to the background by tapping on it again.

Huawei Ascend D quad XL Sample Video:

Huawei Ascend D quad XL Indoor Sample Video:


The Music+ app that is taking care of your tunes collection on the Ascend D quad XL is pretty basic in terms of sound enhancements, only offering a Dolby Digital Plus for mobile on/off switch, but it does categorize your songs, and offers nice visualizations, lyrics and album art during playback.

The loudspeaker is of above average strength and quality, with no unpleasant hissing or crackling sounds, even at the maximum volume.

Video playback is top-notch, with the handset running every format you throw at it out of the box, up to 1080 definition. The stock video player is pretty basic, though, so you’d be better off downloading MX Player or something else off of the Play Store. The faux Dolby Digital Plus for mobile surround sound is present in video mode too, with a handy toggle in the player interface, and boosts the sound intensity pretty audibly.

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