Call quality

Both handsets are very good in terms of call quality. You'll be enjoying loud and clear calls with both of them, even when you happen to be in noisy locations, due to their great noise-cancellation technologies.

Unfortunately for HTC, the loudspeaker of the 8X is inferior to the one of the Galaxy S III, because of its lower volume and somewhat muffled sounding.


There aren't any particular flaws when it comes to the battery lives of the HTC Windows Phone 8X and Samsung Galaxy S III, quite the contrary. During our testing, we've noticed that the 8X, probably thanks to its Windows Phone 8 OS, managed to hold up quite well. We'd give the 8X up to three days of battery life, provided that you don't use it too much, that is. Meanwhile, the GS III should be able to last at least 2 days on a single charge.


We believe that the Samsung Galaxy S III is the better package of the two. The handset feels better when in the hand, compared to the 8X, and offers all kinds of features, which aren't really available on the Windows Phone 8X, like a larger screen, great personalization capabilities, better QWERTY keyboard, slightly better camera, Flash Player support, and, of course, a vast application catalog.

Meanwhile, the HTC's Windows Phone 8X is by no means a bad smartphone, especially considering its awesome screen, neither its design, nor the software platform are currently good enough to help it trump a fearsome opponent like the Galaxy S III.

Software versions of the reviewed units:
Windows Phone 8X: OS 9.0.9903.10, Firmware 1532.20.10001.401
Galaxy S III: OS 4.1.1, Build JRO03C.I9300XXDLJ4

HTC Windows Phone 8X vs Samsung Galaxy S III Video Comparison:

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