It's a very close competition when it comes to their cameras, but in the end we think that the Galaxy S III managed to out-shoot the HTC 8X because its images tend to be closer to reality. Detail-wise, neither seems to be better than the other, but the colors of the GS III remain closer to the real deal, whereas those of the 8X's images are a bit too warm. All in all, the 8X's photos are also very enjoyable, but the GS III performs slightly better.

Indoors, the 8X actually bested the Galaxy S III as it captured substantially more detail. When the light is extremely low, though, the Galaxy S III does a better job when it comes to color representation.

We prefer the video recording of the Galaxy S III for pretty much the same reason as with the images – colors are more realistic, although there's slight overexposure seen with the brightly-lit objects. The 8X keeps things a bit more reasonable as far as exposure goes, but it's not enough to make us prefer its video recording.

HTC Windows Phone 8X Sample Video:

Samsung Galaxy S III Sample Video:

HTC Windows Phone 8X Indoor Sample Video:

Samsung Galaxy S III Indoor Sample Video:


The Samsung Galaxy S III is the obvious choice is one enjoys watching video on their phone, because of its large, 4.8” screen. In addition, the large number of multimedia apps available for Samsung's handset mean that you can view pretty much anything with it. The Windows Phone 8X is also pretty good, especially now that WP8 has support for mass storage mode, but the smaller screen makes the movie-watching experience a bit less fun.

However, we do prefer the earphones of the HTC Windows Phone 8X, since they are more comfortable to wear. The ones of the GS III require you to push them deeply into your ear (if you want to hear any bass, that is), which isn't the most pleasant thing to do. Sound quality-wise, the 8X is a bit too heavy on high frequencies, which can be irritating if you're listening on high volumes. At the end of the day, we'd recommend getting a better pair of earphones for whichever handset you plan to listen to music on.

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