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HTC Windows Phone 8X vs Apple iPhone 5

Call quality

HTC Windows Phone 8X vs Apple iPhone 5
Both the iPhone 5 and Windows Phone 8X emit audible and fairly clear tones through their earpieces. All in all, calling using either of them is a joy, especially when we take their strong noise-cancellation technologies into account.

The loudspeaker of the iPhone 5 is superior, as it manages to produce a louder and clearer sound, compared to the one of the 8X.


Unfortunately, HTC hasn't provided talk- and stand-by times for the battery life of the Windows Phone 8X, but we can safely say that depending on your usage pattern, you should be able to get from one to three days of use on a single charge. Getting three days, of course, would require you to use a fairly low brightness setting and refrain from doing... much with the handset.


All things considered, we have to admit that the Apple iPhone 5 has managed to out-perform the HTC Windows Phone 8X in most areas, although the latter doesn't lag behind too much. But this is if we're talking about their speed, screens and software capabilities.

If we have to factor in their physical designs, there can be no argument at all, as there can be only one winner, and it's not an HTC.

Despite the significant advancements made by Redmond, the Windows Phone 8 platform is yet to prove its worth. It found a very tough opponent in iOS 6, and if it weren't for some clever tricks like the Live Tiles, it may not have come out of this fight alive. Though, it will take much more than that to seriously challenge the two horses currently leading the race.

Software versions of the reviewed units:
Windows Phone 8X: OS, Firmware 1532.20.10001.401
iPhone 5: Ver. 6.0 (10A405)

HTC Windows Phone 8X vs Apple iPhone 5:


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