HTC U12+ Review

HTC’s skipped the U12 and gone straight to the U12+. In making this move, the company has shrunken the bezels and lengthened the screen to gain the popular 18:9 display ratio, while keeping the footprint slightly smaller than the U11+ and only moderately bigger than the...
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1. Ciro1900

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Lol no iphone no galaxy= 7 or 8

28. worldpeace

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It's a good phone.. But still not $799 good.. $600-$650 pricetag would fit it better..


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I really would love to know PA scoring system, what are the criteria and weight used to arrive to such score. I would also love it if they make it more transparent & clear. Although i criticize HTC a lot, but the U12+ deserves a score in the range between(8-8.5) that's with pricing factored in, without it i would give it between (8.5-9). The only cons in my books i predict for this device is the pricing, LCD display, the mentioned side button and finally the future lack of frequent software updates.

33. CoreyG

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You have to think about the phone and market holistically. For $800, where does a phone with unusable side buttons land? Especially when it isn't the best in any one area at this price point?


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If your basing the rating on price then the iphone 8 shouldn't score over 9 with it's ridiculous pricing even if it also isn't amazing in any particular area except maybe for camera which i believe wouldn't be better than the U12+. Regarding the side buttons it could be a bad unit, even if it isn't so HTC can fix that easily in their next production batch. In terms of pricing let's say for example HTC decides in 1-2 months time to slash prices down from 800$ to 650$ what would be the rating then?. I believe rating should be based on performance not taking into account the pricing because pricing fluctuates but not the phone physical specifications & features. Standout features which put the U12+ over for example the OnePlus 6 would be: Dual speakers, Camera, Edge sense(very useful), better headphones and listening experience. How can price & side buttons push all that down to a 7.5 rating? That's why a weight system for phone features is essential when rating phones!

46. CoreyG

Posts: 17; Member since: Jul 04, 2017

Price/class is only one of many influencing factors that must be considered. To not factor this in would be to pretend these phones exist in a vacuum, with no context or competitors. In that case they’d all get 10’s because they’re all amazing pieces of technology! The fact of the matter is, this isn’t the best phone on the market, or in its class. Having a fundamental functioning issue (which we note is a known issue and one we found on 2 separate units) will push the score lower than the already less than perfect score it would have had without it. Sorry the score is not to your liking

48. dcwt2010

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No offence but that's a lot of excuses. Maybe PhoneArena should give them a chance but the power and volume buttons are fundamental to a phone and so the fact that it is this bad to be mentioned specifically does not bode well. Price should always been factored into the scoring, otherwise budget phones would always score low...that wouldn't make sense. Sure, the weighting to the score should be weighted but it is a very important aspect of rating for a phone.

56. DJNadar

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Absolutely Right and well said. Now a days reviewers praise only those brands who advertise a lot.

57. Gymnastic

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The Dutch site gave the HTC U12 plus a 5 out of 10. They had a device were the display brightness was under 300 nits. That is just a bad number for a flagship. Also their battery test showed a 2 hour drop from it competitors.

2. ZanrZij

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That's why HTC will dead in next 3-5 years: no big improvement, quite bad screen, battery life and not good user experience ( nothing special ) in general :)

21. Humanoid

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Except low brightness, screen is better than i8+

29. Trex95

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Hahah you wish used Htc u11 and u11 plus and non of these phones has better screen than iPhone 7 Plus leave a lone iPhone 8 Plus.

43. Humanoid

Posts: 1226; Member since: Dec 11, 2017

Higher contrast, lower delta values

3. maherk

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Great camera Super great battery life Nice design and great build quality. Apart from the side buttons, this is a hell of a solid phone that deserves at least a score of 8.5.

12. bucky

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I’m not a huge fan of htc anymore but I agree. Should be somewhere in the mid to low 8 range.

13. Boast_Rider

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From the stuff I'm hearing, the super LCD 6 screen in the U11+ and the U12+ is significantly less efficient than the one on the U11, and hence they get low brightness AND pretty low battery life. The device is pretty good, but the buttons, the screen and the battery life are what I consider integral part of user experience. Not to mention their non-existent software support. And I'm an HTC fanboy, as you so called me numerous times. The device doesn't deserve an 8.5, especially at $800. You can wait 2 months and get a pixel 3 XL, which will beat this device to the ground in every conceivable way. Or you can get a Oneplus 6 right now and get a better 'core' experience, while saving $300.

22. Humanoid

Posts: 1226; Member since: Dec 11, 2017

No software support? U11 got Android 8 ahead of One Plus and Motorola. U11+ was 8.0 out of box. Of course u12 will have 9.0 before december.

34. Boast_Rider

Posts: 498; Member since: Sep 14, 2017

My OnePlus 3 got android 8 in November. Compare that to HTC 10! And regarding OnePlus 5/T, they are currently on 8.1. Where is HTC?

4. Humanoid

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I knew it ..... LOL XZ2 Premium = 8.2 Note 9 = 9 Iphones = 9.2 / 9.4/ 9.6 Pixel 3 / XL = 9 OP6t = 9.1 V40= 8.5 Moto Z3 = 8

5. Humanoid

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These kind of buttons dont help to go from IP67 to IP68. Those with IP67 have it because they chose to be only 67, even the old Z3 has IP68. A phone from 2014. Lower certification is also cheaper.

7. UglyFrank

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Even the S5 & S5 Active were waterproof despite having removable back covers

6. wesley.

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Almost had me interested, but the buttonless issues, poor battery life and only 64gb offered in the UK, when the previous u11+ had 128gb. Sounds like the screen isn't good enough either. HTC can't afford blunders like this.

8. snoopy831002

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Yeah one plus got 9 but htc got 7.9 You are so full of s**t

9. Humanoid

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U12+ with two cons = 7.5 OP6 with six cons = 9 Compared to i8+, u12 has better screen ( contrast , temperature and delta) , better audio, better camera, faster to do tasks, better design. Bezels are very small, cameras are too close to screen already. C'mon PA.. You guys can do better

10. AngelicusMaximus

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I'm not saying OP6 is better than the U12+ since I haven't used either of them, but all cons aren't equal. That should be very easy to see.

15. Humanoid

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So... XZ2 = only 10-bit Rec. 2020 153% sRGB screen on mobile world that also can turn any video into HDR. 4K HDR recording, IP68, one version has 6GB, stereo speakers, IP68, dual sim, slot micro sd, Qnovo Battery Care, excelent battery endurance ( better than Z3 android 4.4 that was best of 2014) , SD845 , 960fps@1080p, stereo recording, Qi charging, QC 3.0 , android 9 before november because of treble. U12= better audio, camera, screen, design than iphone 8+. Higher IP certification than iphone, 6GB, dual sim, dual sel cam, Edge sense, UI not far from stock android, faster updates than most OEMs Both got 8 and 7.5 while OP6 and Mix 2s got 9 . Phone is just not storage size, ram amount and price.

27. AngelicusMaximus

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51. Aruminiumaian

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Just a bit of correction, XZ2 does NOT have 10 bit display (right now phones are only capable of showing 16 million colours, which is 8 bit) and HDR upscaling is basically just a software trick which tries to emulate HDR by tweaking normal 8 bit SDR videos. Heck, no phone display can even show true HDR footage because they don't meet the criteria. For instance U12+ has a "HDR" certified display panel, even though it cannot output the maximum brightness of 1000 nits nor achieve 1:20000 contrast ratio.

55. Humanoid

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About the 10-bit, who told me is someone that works at Sony. Review of GSMArena also has this info of 10-bit .

11. maherk

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They're doing sucking up for Apple.