HTC Touch2 Review

Interface and Software:

We are not going to beat about the bush – Windows Mobile 6.5 doesn´t bring forth any ground-breaking features, especially in terms of comfort of use. Yes, both the home screen and main menu feel slightly easier to handle with bare fingers, but when you get deeper into the menus you will see the same small letters and icons that are hard to press. That´s why we still prefer interface personalization packs and come to that, we have to say TouchFLO has always been among the best. The HTC Touh2 utilizes version 2.0 of this software, but the manufacturer has removed some of the effects that you can see on the HTC Touch Diamond2 and the personalization doesn’t penetrate the interface as deep (doesn’t include alternative calendar, phone contacts etc.). In other words, this is a trimmed down version of TouchFLO 3D (sometimes referred to as TouchFLO 2D) that sports motley icons much in character of the Sense interface available on the HTC HD2 and HTC Hero. The difference in the home screen to the version running on the HTC Diamond2 (and Pro2) is the lack of tabs dedicated to calendar and stock indices, with the new Map Search and well-known Shortcut tab (hosts up to 18) taken their place. You use the former to search for interesting places or just addresses through Google Maps. Although the function doesn’t offer true navigation to the place of your choice, the directions and route that appear on the map are enough to help you find the spot.

The home screen is properly personalized and offers access to overused functions (although we do miss the calendar). Switching between the tabs feels instantaneous and the transition effects that play while you browse pictures and messages are smooth and pleasing. Unfortunately, the personalization pack does not permeate the interface as deep as the version running on the HTC Diamond2 and most functions (including the phone contacts, calendar and alarms) wear the standard face of Windows Mobile 6.5 that is not exactly user-friendly. The list of shortcomings should be expanded with the lack of accelerometer and the missing option to manually switch to landscape mode. The HTC Touch2 works in portrait mode only and that´s that.

The saving grace is called various entry options – full and compact QWERTY keyboards and standard numeric keypad paired with great screen sensitivity. The full QWERTY sports relatively small keys, so people with thicker fingers will definitely find it troublesome, although it´s great if you don´t mind using the stylus. Your best option, if you are firmly intent on using your bare fingers, is the compact QWERTY keyboard, because its keys are handy and large. As a whole, typing away on the HTC Touch2 is not hard, but a landscape QWERTY would have made it even easier.

Similarly to all other HTC handsets, setting up your email account is as easy as ABC if you are registered with a popular service provider. Browsing web pages on the Internet is also pleasing experience thanks to the built-in browser that in this case is Opera Mobile. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer Flash support, so if you need it, you better get Skyfire from Windows Marketplace for Mobile - it happens to be just as capable a browser. The HTC Touch2 delivers high-speed connectivity via 3G (HSDPA 7.2Mbps) that is usable in Europe and Asia only as well as Wi-Fi support.

The phone comes preloaded with a navigational app called CoPilot Live that offers 15-day free trial and you will have to buy the program if you like it. The European maps will set you back with 70 EUR (the entire continent) or 30 EUR (regional) - the app comes without support for the US at the moment. Ultimately, the program is really pleasing to use, offers voice navigation, 2D and 3D modes and re-calculates routes depending on whether you´re walking, riding a bike or driving a vehicle. The maps have been enriched with information about hotels, diners and sightseeing spots. As a whole, this is a really nice navigational app that suits the HTC Touch2 perfectly. The built-in GPS is fast and will pinpoint your location in about 10-20 seconds after hardware restart.



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  • Display 2.8" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core, 528 MHz
  • Battery 1100 mAh(6.16h 3G talk time)

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