Overall sound quality was very good on both ends.  It wasn’t quite as outstanding as the original, but callers said we sounded good though a little distant.  On our end we felt the same, the callers sounded a bit distant but voice reproduction was accurate and the caller was crystal clear.  We were able to place and hold calls without incident.

Battery life is rated at just over four hours of talk time, buy in out tests we fell well short at 3h 11m.  HTC claims 350 hours of standby time, but keep in mind that, as with any smartphone, standby time is considerably affected by what all is going on in t he background.  For instance, email push or pull will have a significant impact on battery life.

We compared our SPB Benchmark results with the ones of the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Diamond CDMA.


The HTC Touch Pro is a very good device, and is a compelling offering for those who can’t get by without a physical keyboard.  Maybe because of its size, maybe because of its color scheme, maybe because it simply came later, but it just didn’t wow us like the Diamond did.  It is big enough to still be awkward in your pocket, and to a small extent your hands.  Overall functionality remains the same though, and in the end it comes down to sacrificing size for the keyboard, which is a decision only you will be able to make.  Us, we’ll stick with our Diamond.


  • TouchFLO 3D is better than ever
  • Lots and lots of memory
  • More, useful programs included
  • Great out of the box, but endless possibilities with Windows Mobile
  • Teeter!


  • Performance is improved, but WinMo still has its moments
  • Battery life could be better
  • The Pro doesn’t feel as solid as we’d like

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