The operational speed has been improved a lot in Touch Dual, thanks to the fast processor (400 MHz), used in most of the 3G phones of the manufacturer. There is a little bit of lag in the menus and the latest Symbian S60 OS based phones (N95, 6120, N82 etc.) are still better.

We are happy to be able to install Skype – a well-known application. Thanks to the upgraded processor, aside from the small lag, you can switch between different menus and chat while having a conversation. The loudspeaker can be used for voice calls and the quality is not bad. Consider the fact that if you use this function in an area with 3G coverage, there will be considerable lagging while you talk.

It’s the same with Fring, the application that combines Skype and GoogleTalk, except that it loads slower and overall is sluggish. In order to get installation file for Fring, we had to choose the phone model from the Fring's webpage. Dual was not listed, so we selected HTC Touch.

We used Spb Benchmark to compare Touch Dual system performance with other PocketPC's of the manufacturer. As we expected, in most tests it performed better than its predecessor, but was behind the top-model TyTN II.

HTC Touch Dual left us with mixed feelings related to the sound while talking. The sound is clear, but the voices are somewhat muffled. The insufficient volume and monotony makes it hard to use the phone in a noisy atmosphere. As we mentioned above, using the loudspeaker is not recommended, since a terrible noise is heard at maximum volume.

It is better on the other end of the line. Very loud and clear – not the best we’ve heard, but is way above average. When testing it, there was a hissing sound, but strangely, we didn’t see a neither snake nor an apple.


HTC Touch clears the path for the WM6 Professional line of fashion smartphones. Dual is another way to say “slimmer-faster-newer.” The manufacturer should be given credit, not only for adding a slider, but for developing most elements of the interface too. TouchFlo marks serious progress making the phone more similar to the cult iPhone. We should not forget the HSDPA support either, which provides extremely fast internet, wherever there is coverage.

The serious drawbacks have multimedia character – a weak camera, terrible sound, lack of MPEG4/H.264 support. Wi-Fi would give a better flexibility to the model and broaden its market options.

HTC Touch Dual remains the beautiful face of the Windows Mobile 6 Professional phones. If you want the elegant smartphone with that OS, but you are a beginner in the area or you are simply used to operating a regular phone with a real keyboard, this is a good choice.


  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Effective TouchFlo function
  • 3G (UMTS/HSDPA) support


  • Mediocre playback quality
  • Lack of Wi-Fi
  • Not a global phone

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