The sound quality on the Verizon HTC Touch Diamond, both incoming and outgoing, was excellent, about equal to that of the GSM Diamond, and better than when using the CDMA Samsung Omnia. Voices sounded crystal clear on both ends, almost as if you were you were talking to someone in the same room. Speakerphone performance was good, but not as excellent. On our end there was some speaker distortion if the volume was raised past medium.

Talk time is listed by Verizon at 5 hours on a full charge, but HTC lists it at just over 4 hours. In our testing we were only able to get 4 hours of talk time, the same as on Sprint’s Diamond. HTC claims 350 hours of standby time, with Verizon claiming 375 hours, but keep in mind that, as with any smartphone, standby time is considerably affected by what all is going on in the background. For instance, email push or pull will have a significant impact on battery life. With normal everyday use, talking on the phone, checking email, using the browser, and playing some music, we would have to charge the battery each night. HTC made a wise move in beefing up the battery to 1340mAh, but heavy users will undoubtedly upgrade to the larger 1800mAh extended battery.


The HTC Touch Diamond is currently the best smartphone we’ve used for Verizon, beating out the Samsung Omnia and BlackBerry Storm. The combination of TouchFlo3D interface, high quality VGA display, 3.2MP camera, and excellent call quality make it hard to beat. It’s powerful enough for the most hardcore business and techie users, but friendly enough that just about anyone can pick it up and go. Our only complaint is that the video player won’t play DivX and Xvid videos like the Omnia, but this can be fixed with third party apps.


  • TouchFLO3D user interface
  • VGA display
  • Call Quality
  • “WOW” factor


  • Can’t play DivX and Xvid videos
  • Music player still needs some work
  • Power users will end up buying the extended battery
  • The camera is not as good as the one of the Omnia

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