Overall sound quality was very good on both ends.  It wasn’t quite as outstanding as the original, but callers said we sounded good though a little distant.  On our end we felt the same, the callers sounded a bit distant but voice reproduction was accurate and the caller was crystal clear.  Reception does not appear to be an issue with the CDMA version as it was with the GSM unit we tested.  We were able to place and hold calls without incident.

Battery life is rated at just over four hours of talk time, and in our testing we fell only a few minutes short of this.  HTC claims 350 hours of standby time, but keep in mind that, as with any smartphone, standby time is considerably affected by what all is going on in the background.  For instance, email push or pull will have a significant impact on battery life.  Except for the first few days, when we were heavily using apps, video and just generally groping the phone frequently we have been able to get through the day with normal use.  HTC made a wise move in beefing up the battery, but heavy users will undoubtedly upgrade to an even bigger one.

We compared our SPB Benchmark results with the ones of the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch CDMA.


The HTC Touch Diamond is the best CDMA phone we’ve ever used.  That’s not to say it’s perfect, but its darn near close.  The size, weight and feel are phenomenal.  The VGA screen keeps us drooling, and TouchFLO 3D is an amazingly intuitive and useful interface.  Performance boosts have made even Windows Mobile run smoothly, and the OS allows infinite customization possibilities.  It’s powerful enough for the most hardcore business and techie users, but friendly enough that just about anyone can pick it up and go.  The music player is our biggest gripe, but the beauty of WinMo is that we can simply load another player we prefer more.  We’re extremely happy to see Sprint remained relatively hands-off with the software, and the few changes they made we approve of.   This is the phone we’ve been waiting for, and it doesn’t disappoint.


  • TouchFLO 3D is better than ever
  • Even with the burgundy back, the Diamond is dead sexy
  • Excellent size to go along with a top end feature set
  • Great out of the box, but endless possibilities with Windows Mobile
  • Teeter!


  • Performance is improved, but WinMo still has its moments
  • Battery life is as expected, but the power user will be looking for an even more extended battery

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13 Reviews



1. Paul unregistered

Hi, great review and lots of details which is what I'm looking for. however, I would like to see how Sprint TV fares in this device compared to Instinct; as well as handwriting capabilities (as text input)... is it accurate with the stylus or finger? pls pls pls, any information is greatly appreciated.

2. unregistered

we have rev a coverage in our call center and the sprint tv quality is outstanding, way better than the instinct.

3. unregistered

wow, with this phone I almost have to say that there was no point for the instinct, besides to rival the iPhone in time, if they made a dumbphone version of this they'd be perfect

4. unregistered

Will this phone come in black as well? It seemed there were rumors that it would launch in red but have a black back later. Any info would be appreciated. As for right now, I will have to see a red one in person to see how it looks as every review states that the red looks better in person. Also, any issues with overheating? Thank you for such a great interview.

5. kwhan84 unregistered

fabulous review. i had this phone since telesales started to sell it. it is marvelous. the best phone period.

6. Paul unregistered

I've seen other reviews mentioned about the overheating/phone get hot problem... have anyone experience that?

8. unregistered

the battery does tend to get warm pretty quick making the back of the phone a lil toasty.

22. unregistered

I've also had the phones since telesales started selling it and I love this phone. In regardless to the saying of the battery over heating. I did alot of researching and tested the theory myself, it's not the battery that's over heating or getting hot. It's the radio that located below the battery area that gets heated, due to the manufactory squeezing it in a small area. To test that theory, when your phone heats up, just remove the backing of the phone and touch the battery, you'll find that the heat isn't there but below/bottom of the phone that gets hot. Thus far, no sulution to this issue.

7. Pihrana unregistered

I want to know if this phone will work on the GSM 800/1900Mhz Frequencies? According to HTC's webpage for this phone it is Dual-band (800/1900Mhz), CDMA2000 1xEVDO Rev. A/1xRTT and IS-95A/B voice or data with up to 1.8 Mbps up-link and 3.1 Mbps down-link. Trouble is I dont want to spend all the money then not be able to use it in the UK...

9. unregistered

this is the cdma version, you want the gsm unit which they also reviewed a few months back.

13. Pihrana unregistered

I only have 2 or 3 carriers that work in my local town. Alltel, Sprint/Nextel and Centennial....... I'll be going to the UK 3 or 4 times a year and want the phone to work while I'm their..... I know the UK has carriers using GSM 800/1900Mhz Frequencies, so are you saying that the Specification on HTC website where it states (800/1900Mhz) is not GSM? If not then what are they? Thanks in advance.... Want to get it cleared up soon so I can order something.....

14. David the Gom unregistered

dual band for this phone is 800/1900 Mhz CDMA, it's same "frequency" as 800/1900 Mhz GSM, but different "signal"...

16. Pihrana_Work unregistered

Thanks David........ You've finally put the nail in the coffin (which I am grateful for, because I havent spent any money)...... So... I'm still looking for a decent phone that will work in the UK and my home in the US. Any suggestions..? Please dont say Blackberry :)

17. unregistered

with sprint the blackberry 8830 is your only option if you want to keep the same number. centennial is gsm like the uk, but theyre a small regional carrier and im not sure if their phones are unlocked. i dont know much about them, but you should be able to buy any unlocked quadband gsm phones which you can use both here and there. if you dont care about keeping your number over there (which youll pay a pretty penny for) you could also buy a cheap unlocked gsm phone and a prepaid sim for when you travel to the uk, and get sprint here.

21. unregistered

The Samsung Ace is a really nice phone that would work for you and is still windows mobile. But you lose the touch screen feature which is a turn off for a lot of people. It is a quad band phone though so it will work internationally...if you can afford to use the phone internationally

25. tuscan_sun

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Keeping the same number while overseas is way over-rated as roaming charges are truly outrageous. simply get a cheap unlocked phone and buy pre-paid GSM sims wherever you travel..

10. unregistered

touch pro october 19th baby

23. unregistered

The launch date of the Touch Pro has been pushed to the being of November 08.

11. unregistered

iphone who ? blackberry storm who>? go SPRINT!

12. unregistered

Yuck, Sprint. Once AT&T gets this or the Touch Pro I'm gonna be a happy person.

15. jinn unregistered

By far this is a great phone I bought it the second it went on sale on sprint's website i have to say using this phone so far is wonderful i havent had any problems for example with the gsm version HTC has put a great effort into this phone two thumbs up for them. Furthermore i would like to get a black battery cover ..... but other than that its a marvellous touch screen phone i must also commend this review it was really detailed .....

18. deejal01 unregistered

i disagree. I had this phone for a bit and ended up returning it. I hated the phone because text messaging was a pain. HOWEVER, the one thing that I did like was the transcriber text entry. You could print or write in cursive or a combination of both, using the stylus, and it got it right almost 99% of the time. With some tweaking, eventually, it was correct 99.9% of the time. I miss that feature. Sprint needs a new line of phones and their current line up looks pretty bad.

19. unregistered

Hello, I have seen comments on some sites that the app download can only go to ROM, and not the on-board 4GB RAM, is that true? Has anyone tried this out? any feedback is appreciated.

20. martin unregistered

I have downloaded tons of apps and it lets you choose where to put it. I have heard some users losing their internal 4GB Drive when playing around with hard resets, but then being able to get them back. This might be why they are commenting they couldn't put apps on the RAM.

24. unregistered

I love this phone, i have 10 lines with sprint, and they gave me one for 249.99 Can any one help me if i can load wireless printer software on this to print emails and attachments? I love the programme mp3 trinmmer where i can get mp3 ringer of my own for each contacrs.
Touch Diamond CDMA
  • Display 2.8" 480 x 640 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 4 GB
  • Battery 1340 mAh(4.16h talk time)

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