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We used Spb Benchmark to compare the HTC Touch CDMA system performance with the bigger Mogul and the original GSM variant.

The service indicator would often jump from one bar to full, but we never had any issues placing or holding a call. Callers said that we sounded natural, and on our end they sounded good as well. Unlike the Mogul there were no issues pairing with and using a Bluetooth headset.

Really our only complaint about the Touch is its battery life, an issue that has plagued smartphones from day one. It is rated at 3.5 hours of continuous talk time, and we were able to achieve that, but that number is a bit misleading in everyday life. We set our unit up with one push email account (via Sprint Mobile Email) and one pull email account. Initially it was set to pull every 5 minutes, and with moderate voice and data usage the battery would only last around 8 hours. We scaled the pull back to 15 minutes and noticed a marked improvement, though we were still just getting through the day. Heavy users will most definitely want to invest in an extra and/or extended battery.


Sprint’s HTC Touch is great, there are no two ways around it. The form-factor is amazing, it fits in the hand perfectly and is small enough to fit in a pocket comfortably. The increased memory meant it handled everything we threw at it and kept on chugging. The device strikes the perfect balance between size and usability. The lack of a physical keypad was a non-issue, and there are a myriad of accessories and adapters included with the phone. The flexibility of Windows Mobile means that the user can truly personalize their phone, whether it be as simple as a new look or as advanced as a complete overhaul of the device. We liked this device so much that this reviewer purchased one for himself, and I can’t think of a more ringing endorsement.


  • Great size, without sacrificing usability
  • Extremely flexible operating system allows for infinite user customization
  • Plenty of memory ensures smooth operation
  • Touch screen is based on pressure, not heat, meaning the user can wear gloves or use a stylus
  • Excellent in hand feel and top notch build quality


  • Battery life could use some improvement
  • Camera is sub-par

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