Callers said that the HTC Titan II was “unlike anything you’ve ever called on before.” They described it as “intense” and “piercing,” likening it to wearing a hearing aid (although they never have worn a hearing aid.) They had a hard time describing what exactly it was, but we were very loud to them to the point that they took their phone away from their ear. Despite the volume they said we were mostly clear, with a slight hollowness, and rated us an 8.25/10. We did not have the same experience they had, as callers sounded rather normal and quite good to us. The buzzing sound we experienced with the Titan was no present in the Titan II and we were overall impressed with the phone capabilities of the HTC Titan II.

As we mentioned the battery is not removable, but HTC has bumped it up slightly in size from 1600mAh to 1730mAh. They did not give a rating, but in our limited testing the phone was able to last through the day without needing a charge. Keep in mind that your results may vary depending on how you use the phone.


In the end the HTC Titan II is a decent upgrade to the original Titan, but it is less an upgrade and more a refresh. It is good to see HTC continue its string of 4G firsts by having one of the first AT&T LTE Windows Phone devices, and the bump to 16MP on the camera produced noticeably better videos than the original Titan did. Still, the improvements are incremental, so if you purchased the Titan recently don’t feel too left out. Everything we liked about the original carries over to the new device to go along with these improvements. Since they cannot leave their mark with software, HTC does a good job of delivering impressive hardware on the Titan II.

Software: Windows Phone 7.5 release 2

HTC Titan II Video Review:


  • Addition of 4G LTE and 16MP camera with better video performance
  • Improved voice quality over the Titan
  • Comfortable to use despite such a large display
  • Everything we liked about the Titan


  • Slight lag at times

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