The camera is the other major upgrade on the Titan II; it now sits at 16megapixels whereas the Titan was 8MP. The camera is backside illuminated (BSI) with a wide-angle f2.6 lens, auto focus and image stabilization. The specs are very impressive, but the results don’t differ much from the Titan’s 8MP shooter. Outdoor images were generally good with natural color reproduction, but when you zoom in to full resolution you notice that details are a bit fuzzy. Keep in mind that full resolution is 4640x3480 however, so most users will never be zooming in so much. On our 1080p monitor images looked very good. Indoor shooting proved a bit of a challenge for the Titan II, with images ending up granier than we would expect.


The image stabilization worked very well. There were a few pictures where we tried to make it blurry but the software did a good job of overriding our shaking. Panorama mode is simple to use and the results were good. The Titan II also features red-eye reduction to get rid of those pesky beady eyes.

Video is shot at 720p
, which is a bit of a surprise given that many 5MP cameras are shooting at 1080 these days, but the results were thankfully improved from the Titan. They were far from professional quality, but the Titan II did a good job with light adjustment and smoothly moving focus throughout the shot.

HTC Titan II Sample Video:


The Titan II has the same media experience as other Windows Phones due to the identical software, though watching videos on the 4.7” S-LCD display is a bit more satisfying. It did not have any problems playing our test files, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t complain about multimedia management. Everything runs through the Zune software, which is annoying. Like Apple with iTunes, Microsoft forces you to manage their content via their software, rather than simply letting you have access to your device how you want it. It took us several tries to sync the media we wanted because the Zune software wouldn’t properly find files that were very clearly via our File Explorer.

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