HTC Tilt 2 Review

Being fashionably late to the dinner table may not be such a bad thing for HTC Tilt 2, but it completes the penetration of the HTC Touch Pro2 variants to all of the major wireless carriers in the US.There's one thing that separates the HTC Tilt 2 from all the others – you'll find Windows Mobile 6.5 loaded right out of the box...
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1. diagoro

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 27, 2009

That's it????? I was hoping to read an in depth review that included impressions of the software and shell components. Especially with WM 6.5 being a new release. I have the ATT model and find it's extremely slow, especially the web browsing (which has been completely unbearable at's either so slow that the screen saver comes on or the links and navigation don't work properly, causing lots of unintended navigating). Overall, it's a bit odd to see such a good review where there are no details to support it.....

2. mr. anderson

Posts: 92; Member since: Apr 16, 2009

theyve done indepth reviews on this hardware, as well as wm6.5. theyve reviewed the european, tmo, sprint, vzw and now att tp2. no need to be detailed every time

3. greekfreek

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 17, 2009

regarding the tilt 2... for the time the tilt worked pretty good for a business phone. the tilt 2 works great but the use as a business phone is lacking since you cannot look up a business by its name. when you find a contact you then have to hit the edit button to fing the address. but the did add facebook and other useless junk

4. a unregistered

i want to know if it is a good phone?? and if the tecnology is hspdo 850

5. AngieLove unregistered

I HATE THIS PHONE! not only is extremely slow to begin with but if i recieve more that one text at a time it freezes. also when going from keyboard to regular it freezes. i recomend NOT getting this phone. although the tilt feature is cool it is not worth the pain of having to take out the battery every five mins.

6. AngieLove unregistered

oh and it is also way to thick to stay in my pocket so thats a PAIN. i refer to it as "The Brick"

7. Marilyn unregistered

I am so disappointed with this phone, I have had too many problems with it. It's extremely heavy, constantly freezing up, therefore; leaving me with the only option of removing the battery to get it going again. I definitely will not be recommending this phone to anyone else!
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