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HTC Surround vs Apple iPhone 4

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HTC Surround vs Apple iPhone 4
Regretfully, both handsets are marred with some audible static noise in the background – which is even made more prominent with the Surround's deafening earpiece. However, its louder output over the iPhone 4 makes it a bit easier to distinguish voices. And at the same time, the same thing resonates with their speakerphone performance. The iPhone 4 might be decent enough for some people, but there's no arguing it's easier on the ear with the Surround's sharp tones.

There's no hiding that some iPhone users are gripped with certain reception issues, but for our unit, it performed equally to the HTC Surround in retaining a solid connection to the network. Additionally, we didn't experience any issues with dropped calls during out testing in the greater Philadelphia area.

After using both high-end smartphones for some time, there is no arguing that the iPhone 4 is able to push out more battery life than the HTC Surround. We were able to easily achieve a good solid day of normal usage with the iPhone – primarily sending text messages, emails, and web browsing. For the Surround, we were able to get up to around the 15 hour mark before it completely required a recharge.


Based on our comparison, there is no kidding that the HTC Surround is an awesome multimedia centric handset that's probably best geared for those who want to watch videos and listen to music, due to its larger screen, kickstand and bigger speaker. If capturing photo and video content is your forte though, the Apple iPhone 4 is by far the better handset. Calling quality seems to be the same for both devices, but the Surround naturally puts out stronger tones with its speakers. And as for battery life, the iPhone 4 clearly has the advantage in this department as it edged out the HTC Surround on a day to day basis. Finally, we should not forget the enormous amount of apps found on the App Store, while the Windows Marketplace for Mobile is pretty bare compared to that. So you can obviously make the decision as to which handset you'd want to side with, but another interesting question is which user experience seems more likeable now.

Apple's iOS is a mature one that's been gradually improved since its inception, but Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is an enticing new platform that's also filled with plenty of eye candy. Needless to say, the biggest focus that both platforms exhibit is that they place performance at the top of the list – which is known with their responsiveness and lightning quick execution. The HTC Surround is a great handset that showcases the possibilities that are expected to come out of Microsoft's next-gen platform, whereas, Apple's iOS is already at the top of the hill waiting for the next thing to catch up to its success. If you completely require all the rich and vast functionality that most platforms offer, then it's a safe bet to stick with the iPhone 4 since it pretty much encompasses a wide array of features akin to the modern smartphone user. However, if you feel like you need a change and want to experience something that's utterly different, then the HTC Surround should appease your curiosities. Sure it's unknown right now how well Microsoft's platform will be adopted by consumers, but there's no arguing that its focus is to offer a rich experience that's fitting for mobile.

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