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HTC S710 Vox Review

HTC S710 Vox

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Camera interface - HTC S710 Vox Review

Camera interface


To imprint your moments when you do not have a camera, HTC Vox has at its disposal an in-built 2.0 MP camera, located on the back panel of the device.

The camera can be activated from the menu or from a shortcut on the right side. The interface is loaded in about 4 seconds. The whole 2.41” display is a viewfinder and there is information displayed on its upper and lower part about resolution, free memory (number of photos) and settings. By the left software button you can reach the settings menu and easily change everything there.

The time needed for taking and saving a picture with the best possible resolution is maximum 5 seconds, which is comparatively fast, but also expected because no time is spent for autofocus. The quality of the photos is acceptable, but compared to top camera phones, it is terrible. The best photo results are in a bright light outside but then we often have overexposed (burnt) or underexposed (dark) photos or large parts of them. The colours are not very vivid but more neutral.

Outdoor images - HTC S710 Vox Review
Outdoor images - HTC S710 Vox Review
Outdoor images - HTC S710 Vox Review
Outdoor images - HTC S710 Vox Review

Outdoor images

Strong light - Indoor images - HTC S710 Vox Review
Medium light - Indoor images - HTC S710 Vox Review

Strong light

Medium light

Indoor images

Taking pictures inside is only possible in a bright light and if the light is not bright enough there is no point taking pictures.

HTC S710 Vox Review
HTC S710 Vox Review
You can examine your pictures in the album, where you can see thumbnails shown as a grid of 3x3 and scroll function. Once you have opened a photo, you can use the zoom or save it as wallpaper on the homescreen and even to edit it using Rotate, Crop, and Auto Correct. The latter is a simple function, which corrects the levels of brightness and contrast, but it is one of the innovations of Sony Ericsson K810 compared to К800, which is a dedicated cameraphone.


HTC S710 Vox Review
HTC S710 Vox Review
HTC S710 Vox Review
Like all the other Windows phones, Vox has a pocket version of Windows Media Player, which is a combined audio and video player. You can activate it directly from its shortcut key on the left side. In library you will find all your music saved in the phone and in the memory card and sorted by Artist, Album and Genre.

During playback of a song the interface is almost empty because it is also used for visualization of video files. The buttons are small, but they only replace the functions of the D-pad. By using its directions you can forward and backward in a certain track, to change tracks, to Play/pause or to control the volume. The player has options for Shuffle/Repeat and it is capable of creating Playlists.

Windows Media Player 10 is capable of playing the following files:


VIDEO: .WMV, .ASF, H.263 - .3GP and .MP4

To avoid any possible problems like chopping and skipping of frames when watching video files, it is better to stop all running applications in the RAM memory to free the system. We had no problem watching MPEG4 H.263 clip with QVGA resolution.

Audio Manager:

HTC S710 Vox Review
HTC S710 Vox Review
HTC S710 Vox Review
HTC has added a new software application to replace Windows Media Player for listening music files. Though, its functionality is almost the same, it attracted our attention by its much nicer and handy interface.

You can start sorting music into playlists or according to Artist/Album/Genre/ Composers. During the playback the visualized information is about artist name, song name, genre and file name. Again with the help of the D-pad keys you can navigate, but there are keyboard shortcuts which duplicate them. Button “8”activates “MUTE” function and from the menu you can select functions like shuffle and repeat. Playlists are easily created. Equalizers are the only thing that is missing, but we think they are useless, because they cannot compensate the quality of the sound if it is weak.

The sound through the earphones from the standard delivery package is very good, compared to other phones we have tested. It makes us sorry that it does not use standard 2.5/3.5мм stereo jack that would enable you to use other types of earphones. Anyway, in case nothing happens with these, they have enough power and quality to satisfy not too pretentious listeners.

The sound through the loudspeaker is little above the average volume and sounds comparatively fine. Of course it cannot be compared with the powerful stereo loudspeakers of the multimedia phones like Nokia N95.


HTC S710 Vox Review
HTC S710 Vox Review
S710 has 128 mb ROM, 64 mb RAM and the memory can be extended by microSD cards. The manufacturer added the application „Task Manager” that you can check the loaded applications in the RAM memory or to terminate some of them. There are only two preloaded games that come together with Windows Mobile 6 – Solitaire and Bubble Breaker, but new applications can be added thanks to the Operating System and the support of JAVA MIDP 2.0.

As all other Windows Mobile 6 devices, HTC VOX comes with Microsoft Office package including the mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Though, it does not have a touch display, the new Office applications enable it to edit files, which is very convenient. For instance, you receive the file by e-mail, edit it and send it back.

The Office applications run very well and it is no problem to visualize complex files, for example, complex excel sheet. It doesn’t show the CPU isn’t powerful enough. It operates well.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Sheld1 (unregistered)

I hate to say it but this is possibly the worst phone I have ever owned. It is slow, occasionally does not recognise my SIM card, does not send text messages, hangs. But my favourite part is that intermittently when syncing with my laptop it gives a sync error telling you to do a full sync. Click ok and hey presto all your speed dials are gone. This is first HTC and my first Windows mobile phone and probably my last HTC.

posted on 25 Nov 2008, 16:52

2. (unregistered)

I have to agree. This is by far the worst phone I've ever had! I had two SonyEricsons before the Vox. They are so much easier to use. They just do the things you want them to do REALLY WELL. I cope with the Vox, but it's such an effort getting things done. It doesn't do anything well. There is absolutely no concistency through the layout and design. It's as if 20 different Engineers and Programmers designed it without ever speaking to each other. aaah, I feel much better now! :-)

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HTC S710 Vox

HTC S710 Vox

OS: Windows Mobile Standard 6.0
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PhoneArena rating:
Display2.4 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (167 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
TI OMAP850, Single core, 201 MHz
0.06 GB RAM
Size3.97 x 1.96 x 0.69 inches
(101 x 50 x 17.7 mm)
4.23 oz  (120 g)
Battery1050 mAh, 7 hours talk time

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