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HTC Rezound Review


As other recent HTC phones, the camera app has received a nice update as it now supports some extra features, such as 14 different visual effects, face detection, and manual image adjustments of the exposure, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. There is also a selection of 9 different scene modes to choose from. Like most other HTC phones, the Rezound does not come with a physical camera button. Instead, the camera continues to auto-focus on the center square shown on the display, or you can move the square around if you want to change where it will focus. To capture the image, you simply press on shutter icon on the right side, and it takes the image almost instantly.

On paper, there seems to be a lot to like about its 8-megapixel auto-focus camera, which features backside illumination, dual-LED flash, and wide-angle F2.2 lens for larger aperture. Sometimes, we can be jaded by all of the hype surrounding a handset’s photo-taking capabilities, but in the case of the Rezound, we’re simply not convinced after peeking over some of the results.

Overall, its production is average, with macro shots being its best specialty. Color-wise, it tends to be on the saturated side, which is able to raise our brows thanks to its vibrant and robust tones, but it tends to cast this purplish hue that doesn’t accurately portray the real-world scenario. Above all, the main distraction we notice is that fine details are simply indistinct. The images are usable for 4x6” prints, but are not on par with the best 8-megapixel phone cameras. 

With shots taken under low lighting, its exposure is considerably increased to enhance details, but at the same time, it’s dealt a blow with some evidence of noise – though, its dual-LED flash counteracts it. 

The HTC Rezound’s 1080p videos are shot in MPEG-4 format instead of the .3GP we found on the Vivid. So what’s good this time? It displays a smooth capture rate of 30 frames per second, mostly noise-free audio recording, and very minimal artifacting. Naturally, that’s fine and dandy, but what distracts us yet again is its vague looking details – it simply doesn’t exhibit the quality you’d expect for something tagged with ‘high-definition.’ Just like the Vivid, the Rezound offers a slow-motion mode that gives us a neat effect with recording that we don't typically see – though, its capture resolution is set at 720p at the most. It captures at 60 frames per second, but the final video is 30fps, thus making it 2x slower.

HTC Rezound Sample Video:

HTC Rezound Slow Motion Sample Video:


It’s one thing to offer the full-fidelity audio experience with Beats Audio, but it would’ve been nice for the music player to receive some love as well – in the end, it utilizes the same layout and presentation we’re used to finding. Popping in the included iBeats headphones and activating Beats Audio, our ears explode with the rippling effects of heavy bass tones that really accentuate both high and low pitches. These are the best headphones bundled with a phone, and most people listening to modern music will not feel the need to upgrade with other in-ear headphones. However, the Beats Audio profile is not a great deal and we wish there was something special in the hardware, resulting in better than the ordinary sound quality. Switching to the internal speaker, it’s undoubtedly strong with its volume output, and it doesn’t strain at the highest setting, but it lacks the thunderous pitches that we hear using the iBeats.

Being the perfect companion of any 720p video, especially when its screen resolution matches up, its performance is naturally seamless. Checking out some of the preloaded MPEG-4 720p videos on the handset, they obviously showcase the display’s bountiful performance with its rich details, smooth playback, and iridescent colors. Strangely, its exhibits some lag when playing another test video that’s encoded in H.264 with 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Sharing multimedia content couldn’t be any easier on the HTC Rezound seeing that it features an MHL port – but of course, you’ll be the one supplying the adapter. Nonetheless, we’re given the opportunity of getting a mirrored experience to show everything we do on the handset, all on a high-def television. Otherwise, its DLNA functionality is a decent alternative as well – as long as you have compatible devices.

Finding a 16GB microSD card included with the handset, it’s more than sufficient by today’s standards, but it’s further supplemented by 10.48GB of internal storage. Furthermore, there’s 2.1GB of memory strictly reserved for apps. Still, if the card isn’t enough, you can use cards up to 32GB in size.

Internet and Connectivity:

Packing 4G LTE connectivity, it’s blazingly fast in loading up complex web sites like ours in less than 20 seconds – much like the others in Verizon’s 4G LTE stable. Accompanying the fast speeds, are the responsive navigation controls that offer a near instantaneous response with everything – plus, it handles Flash content without sweating one bit. All in all, when you add in its 720p display, it essentially offers one fabulous desktop-like experience that will no doubt be any web surfer’s dream device.

Like all of Verizon’s 4G LTE smartphones, the HTC Rezound follows in accordance by essentially being compatible to work on Verizon’s network. Furthermore, it packs all of the usual cast of connectivity options like aGPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 b/g/n/a Wi-Fi, and mobile hotspot functionality. With the latter, it offers exceptional signal strength in allowing devices as far as 30 feet away to connect to it.


On the software side, there’s nothing of particular interest since it’s mainly comprised of apps that we tend to find preloaded with most of Verizon’s portfolio. Not surprisingly, Big Red’s presence is blatantly evident with things like Backup Assistant, Mobile Hotspot, Mobile IM, V CAST MUSIC, My Verizon Mobile, Verizon Video, and VZ Navigator. Meanwhile, there’s a ton of bloatware on there, with some being more useful than others. These consist of Amazon Kindle, Blockbuster, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Polaris Office, Scan, and Slacker. And if you happen to love videos a lot, besides those from YouTube, you’ll definitely appreciate the catalog available with HTC Watch – it’s the hub where you can rent or purchase movies and television shows. 

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