HTC Rezound Review

HTC has been one of the more profound vigilant figures in the mobile industry that always has a knack in producing quality smartphones. When it comes to the Android landscape, they were there right from the beginning showing their commitment in tastefully complementing Google’s mobile platform with something as equally compelling on the hardware side. With memorable devices like the T-Mobile G1, Nexus One, and HTC EVO 4G under its belt, all eyes are on them to see what they can do to continue that trend in the face of never-ending competition.
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78. roldefol

Posts: 4744; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

It's "too little, too late". If Verizon had released the Rezound over the summer, it would have had everything else in their lineup beat, hands down. Best screen, fastest processor, most memory, most user-friendly UI. Now its only clear advantage is the screen. Up against the Razr and Nexus, the Rezound is just another high-end phone. Each has its merits, but it's not a clear winner. It will be up to the buyer which one is best... and that's what I like to see.

87. Gcombs

Posts: 136; Member since: Aug 22, 2011

No Androids out with ICS yet so that shouldn't be a con. Base the review on the current Os.

88. nat171971

Posts: 3; Member since: Nov 17, 2011

I compared both phones, the screen is not just a little bit better but incredibly better. The audio is much better and the sense UI is much better as well. The processor on the phones that i tried the MOTO phone with an active wallpaper glitched while the rezound was smooth. Overall if you actually compare them real world the rezound is much better accept that it is thicker. If you want thin at the expense of the other things related then you will want the razr. I think the reviewers are to impressed by thin. Watch a music video with the beats head phones on the rezound and then tell me what you think.

91. macpilot

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 18, 2011

Can someone explain to me why the phone needs a \"SIM\" card if it not a GSM capable phone? I am confused here. There are no GSM specs listed for this phone. There is a photo in this review showing what to me looks like a SIM card, but it says \"LTE\" on it. Does this mean that LTE/4G functionality could be swapped with a GSM SIM card? I am looking for a possible alternative to the iPhone 4S but I need a GSM capable phone with Verizon and their current offerings are junk IMO. I would love a RAZR if it had ICS and was GSM capable. Why can\'t anyone come out with an Android phone that has great specs AND is a world phone?

92. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

yeah 4G LTE is activated by a SIM card and no you can't use a GSM SIM card in it's place. if you want a powerful Android world device the Droid 3 is the best hands down.

93. macpilot

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 18, 2011

Thanks for the clarification KingK. I am not into the hardware keyboard devices so much or I would go for that Droid 3. Maybe next year there will be a good ICS device on Verizon with GSM roaming.

94. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

cool. whatever floats your boat guy. glad to help. (:

95. redmd

Posts: 1926; Member since: Oct 26, 2011

john velasco, it's not supposed to run ics out of the box. you have the galaxy nexus for that. would you count that as a con on every other new Android handset that doesn't run ics by default? a number of authors should contribute in making reviews.

97. markreif

Posts: 8; Member since: Dec 01, 2011

I had this phone for 5 days. I sent it back yesterday. Having had HTC's (rooted of course) in the past (TP2 and an Imagio under WM6.5) I guess I expected more. The level of bloatware in this device and coming from my current rooted DroidX proved to be unbearable. I'm going with the Galaxy Nexus (assuming it can be unlocked)..... Also - I found LTE to be overrated -IF your primary use is tethering a laptop for email and an occasional PDF download. I did play around with the temp root options that are out there but again compared to a rooted Droid X running a Liberty 2.0 ROM and overclocked to 1.2ghz ... even the dual 1.5 parameter - I consider - OVERATED. Lastly - the screen resolution -yes better than the I-phone. But my wife who has an Iphone 4 - trust me - still looks better. It's one thing to have the hardware. It's another to have the software ready to roll that can take advantage of those specs....

102. mstee28r

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 12, 2012

i love this phone more than any phone and other but went back to the rezound and love htc phones the phone dont feel or look so cheap and htc has the best camera i think

103. jdnlgor

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 07, 2012

I give it a 1/10. I've had 4- yes, count them 4- Rezounds since 12/26/11. First one could only do 1G even tho it is a 4G phone. Verizon "played" with it for a while- i.e 2 hrs in the store while they tried everything. Got a new Rezound only 2 weeks after the 1st. The 2nd worked pretty good except for Yahoo Mail for 6 months, Only had to take it in for a factory reset because of deisplay problems once. then it DIED! Dead! No resurection possible. It worked fine 1 moment, dead the next. No dropping, no getting wet, nothing. So Verizon sent me a "factory reconditioned. That one worked well for almost a month, then started having problems supposedly with the display. The display was a problem- there wasn't one! The phone would ring but I couldn't answer, it would vibrate for a notification, but since I couldn't see anything, who knows what it was. Back to Verizon store, factory resets again. On the 4th visit in 2 months, I'd had it so the next time, they sent me a replacement- another factory reconditioned. It worked fine for a week. Then the same problem. We were out of town for the weekend & the screen would come on, then immediately go off. Couldn't do a thing. Called Verizon & after about 60 min on the phone (my hubby's ancient flip phone), the tech had me hold the volume rocked down while holding the power switch for 10 seconds. The 3rd time, that worked. Next day, same thing happened so I did it again & the phone worked for 2 days. Got home & it did it again. Worked for 1 day. Next day---again- off to Verizon AGAIN. They tried everything, nothing so they agreed to replace it. After 45 min on the phone @ the Verizon store (mostly on hold) they said they'd send a Pantech Maurauder- as we were finalizing that- the Rzound came back on. Still replacing it. Just hope the Maurader works. Looks like it doesn't have some of the features I paid for with the Rezound, but we'll see.
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