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Call quality on the HTC Radar is great. Tones are clear and accurately reproduced and there are no issues with regards to either volume or clarity. Listeners on the other end of the line reported much of the same, so suggesting there isn't anything to worry about in this department. The loudspeaker also delivers good clear sound, both for voice and media.

Mango is more stable than its predecessor and despite on paper, 1GHz sounding a little on the slow side, coupled with this OS it performs consistently well, with all the visual flare of the old Windows Phone 7 and additional functionality and stability.

Battery life on the HTC Radar is pretty standard. With a quoted 10 hours talk time and 20 days standby time, in reality, it lasts over a day with moderate use.


The HTC Radar is all the Trophy was and then some. With a great screen, comfortable, ergonomic design and an attractive interface not to mention all the advantages of Mango. The phone won’t do everything an Android handset will, however, it’s much easier to work your way around, and with the bonus of the decent 5MP camera and fantastic build quality, buy this and you're onto a winner. If you aren’t too concerned about build quality or the camera, you can consider last season's HTC 7 Trophy which should deliver an extremely comparable experience once Mango lands. Other options include the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray for an Android alternative or if you like Windows Phone 7.5 but want something less HTC, The Samsung Focus Flash will be coming our way soon.

HTC Radar Video Review:


  • Smooth performance
  • High-quality construction
  • Good video recording quality


  • Immature OS with limited app support
  • Dull pictures
  • Few noteworth differences between this and the HTC 7 Trophy

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