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HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z

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Call quality

HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z
The Xperia Z doesn't shine with voice quality in the earpiece, producing sound with average strength and clarity that is not up to par with flagship expectations. The HTC One, on the other hand, uses its amplified boom box at the front top for an earpiece, whose loud and clear output ranks up with the best out there.

The noise-canceling microphones on the handsets separate your voice from the background noise successfully, yet the setup the HTC One mics have manages to relay clearer and more recognizable voices to the other end.


The phones have sealed batteries with almost equal capacity – 2300 mAh for the One vs 2330 mAh for the Xperia Z – but HTC doesn't give official talk times for the One. Sony, however, claims 5.5 hours of video playback for the Xperia Z, which is a tad below the average endurance, whereas 3rd party tests peg the HTC One at about eight hours, yet overall both phones should last you through the day with moderate to heavy usage, and day and a half to two days if you are gentle on the screen time.


All in all, it shouldn't be a tough pick between the HTC One or the Xperia Z for you. Sony's flagship might look a bit rough around the edges, compared to the sleek aluminum One, but there's a perfectly good reason for that – its waterproof chassis will be a godsend for many a careless or outdoorsy owner, and it is easier to hold and operate with one hand with the rubberized sides.

If you are the type that babies their handset, though, the HTC One will offer a better screen, faster processor, stellar audio experience, IR blaster and superior video capture, on top of what the Xperia Z delivers. Both handsets cost around the same, and are likely to keep value in a similar manner, so it mostly depends on whether you need the elements-proofing of the Z, or the extra features of the One.

HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z:


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