Call Quality and Battery Life

There are no huge issues with the calling quality on either the HTC One or Nokia Lumia 920, but the HTC One has the edge here. Sound in the earpiece is almost equally loud and clear on both.

Outgoing quality is better on the HTC One, with better noise cancellation and wind noise reduction, so it is easier to focus on the clear and natural sound, while callers reported hearing us a bit muted from the Lumia 920.

At an era of large displays, battery life is always an issue and while the HTC One comes with a larger 2400mAh battery and the Lumia 920 features a 2000mAh juicer, in reality both last around a full day of average use and struggle to last into the second. Both batteries are not user-replaceable, but the Lumia 920 comes with support for wireless charging, a nice extra.


HTC and Nokia are in a somewhat similar positions with the One and the Lumia 920. HTC’s ailing financials pushed it to deliver its best, and for Nokia the Lumia 920 is an equally important, flagship Windows Phone device.

The HTC One is the more recent device of the two, and while it won’t be an apples to apples comparison (they run on different platforms), it outdoes the Lumia 920 in almost every department. Screens are comparably good, but with a sleek, refined design, much more capable processor, an amazing sound output and recording, and a good camera, the HTC One has the definite edge.

HTC One vs Nokia Lumia 920:

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