Call quality:

We witness a stellar voice quality with the iPhone 5, both in the earpiece, and for the receiving end, where the tri-microphone setup helps relay voices crystal clear and with strong volume. The HTC One X+ earpiece also performs loud and clear, but its two noise-canceling mics relay your voice with slight distortion towards the high end, though they do well in removing background noises.


The Apple iPhone 5 squeezes an excellent battery life out of its juicer, with talk times, browsing and video playback sessions only giving way to phones with oversized batteries like the RAZR MAXX line, or the Note II.

One X+ doesn't have official talk times yet, HTC only says “50% more talk time than the One X”, but its 2, 100 mAh doesn't offer anything extraordinary than the usual daily charging with normal usage.


The choice is clear cut here – if you can't live without a larger display and the associated supersize media consumption, the HTC One X+ offers a good HD screen, fast processor and copious amounts of internal storage with decent battery life.

If a more compact designer handset with excellent display and battery life rocks your boat, or if you are heavily invested in the iOS ecosystem, the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone created so far, so it is an easy pick, hough a 64 GB version runs pretty steep if we are to compare apples to apples. It has one very notable advantage before the HTC One X+, too, and that is in photos and especially video capture.

HTC One X+ vs Apple iPhone 5:

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