Google Pixel 5 event | Here's how to watch and what to expect
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As usual, iOS offers just a few camera interface options, and most of the camera decision-making is left to the phone's algorithms. There are Panorama and HDR options to choose from, and that's about it, but the phone is incredibly fast when stitching panoramas or taking a high dynamic range photo, with consistently great results. 

The HTC One X+, on the other hand, offers plethora of settings, scene modes and color effects, which include the above mentioned Panorama and HDR, in an easy to use interface layout that combines picture and video shutter keys on one screen.

Both handsets sport 8 MP sensors, but when it comes to the quality of the photos, the iPhone 5 has the upper hand with spot-on white balance measurements, while we often have purple casts from the One X+. The photos from HTC's handset look overprocessed and detail often gets smeared to keep noise in check, whereas Apple's handset produced clear and natural-looking photos with low noise in most circumstances, including indoor shots.

When it comes to video capture, the iPhone 5 has an even bigger advantage with its fluid 30 fps video and nice color representation, compared to the jumpy autofocus and artifacts in videos taken with the One X+, especially inside, where the frame count falls to the uneven 22.

HTC One X+ Sample Video:

Apple iPhone 5 Sample Video:

HTC One X+ Indoor Sample Video:

Apple iPhone 5 Sample Video:


The gallery of the One X+ is nondiscriminatory when it comes to the source of your albums, and aggregates your internal pics and video with the albums uploaded on Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, SkyDrive or Picasa, whereas with the iPhone 5 you have the internal media backed with iCloud.

The Music players are categorizing the songs by artusts, albums and playlists, and offer clean, easy to use interfaces. The iPhone 5 has equalizer presets, which are, however, not embedded in the player's interface, whereas the One X+ comes with the Beats Audio preset, which fires up only when you plug in a headset, and ups the bass and sound intensity.

If you pump the music out through the loudspeakers, the ones on the iPhone 5 hold an advantage with their strong and cleaner sound than the unit on the One X+. Apple's Earpods also provide a better sound than the in-ear set HTC had bundled.

Video playback on the HTC phone deals with any file thrown at it, although DivX/Xvid clips can be run only up to 720 definition with the default player, which is unusual for a high-end Android. This is easily remedied with a Play Store app, though, not to mention watching on the larger One X+ screen is a joy. The iPhone 5's default video format support is much more limited, but there are a few capable paid players that can expand it as well.

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