Call quality

The Galaxy S III offers stellar sound both in the earpiece and through its microphones for the other end, whereas voices coming from the One X+ came out slightly hissing on the other end. Both phones do a great job at weeding out ambient sounds while you talk, thanks to the noise-canceling mics.


The devices are equipped with 2, 100 mAh battery units capacity, which is sorely needed by their large screens and fast processors. The One X+ doesn't have official talk times out yet, HTC only promised “up to 50% more talk time compared to the One X”, while we have the excellent 11.6 hours of talk time in 3G mode with the S III.

In battery life while browsing the One X+ has an advantage before the Galaxy S III, whereas Samsung's phone lasts longer during video playback, so things even out in the end with mixed usage.


HTC managed to pull off a very capable contender for the holiday Android battles by upgrading its spring chicken flagship where it counts, gracing it with the whopping 64 GB of storage at launch.

The Galaxy S III and the One X+ are very comparable devices now in processing might, and we would even give the chassis, display and storage rounds to the One X+. Chassis since the arched unibody with soft-touch finish is more ergonomic to grip and hold, display because of the better outdoor visibility, and storage - yeah, the 64 GB.

The Galaxy S III earns some points before the One X+ in the above areas, though - for usage flexibility due to its non-unibody chassis, and in display for the deep blacks. Where it definitely excels before the One X+ is the camera unit, both in pictures and video quality, and especially while shooting indoor footage.

In terms of software, HTC Sense 4+ is more uniform and its browser much more useful with full Adobe Flash support and a Read mode, whereas Nature UX is more functional with Smart Stay, Pop Up Play, and the upcoming multi-window mode.

Ultimately it all depends on what price you find those two handsets at, and what priorities you have as a user.

HTC One X+ vs Samsung Galaxy S III:

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