Both Apple and HTC made a big fuss about the new cameras in their latest smartphones. We like the camera interface of the One X more, because it presents us with a still photo shutter and a video recording button all at the same time, whereas on the iPhone you have to switch between the two modes, and then press the shutter/rec key. In addition, the One X's camera offers some more advanced settings, and the two handy features – continuous photo taking and the ability to take photos while shooting a video. Continuous photo taking lets you snap a great number of images with almost no delay between them, but sadly, some of those come out of focus. Thankfully, the photos taken while shooting a video look good.

As far as photo quality goes, the ones from the One X are inferior to those of the iPhone 4S. Apple's device manages to capture a bigger amount of details, while colors are much better reproduced as well. Sadly, with the One X there's this purple shade ruining some of the shots.

Both handsets are capable of shooting 1080p video, but not all 1080p is born equal. In terms of pure image quality, the material from the One X is superior, as it has much less noise. On the other hand, however, the video from the One X is not as smooth as the one from the iPhone 4S, as it is recorded at about 22-23 FPS (video taken in the dark falls to about 19 FPS). Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S records at a smoother rate of 29-30 FPS, while in the dark it falls to about 24 FPS.

HTC One X Sample Video:

Apple iPhone 4S Sample Video:


The cool thing about the HTC One X as far as multimedia goes is that it features some software enhancements by Beats Audio. If you are a fan of the Beats sound, then you'll certainly like what you hear through the earphones of the One X (they won't be Beats earphones, though). The music player of the One X is also integrated with SoundHound, so with a single tap of a button, you'll be taken to the respective page for the currently playing song. With the iPhone 4S, you'll be getting the standard music player that's been around since day one. It's nothing too fancy (save for Cover Flow), but is simple and does what it's meant to do.

When it comes to video playback, however, the One X is a much better device, thanks to its big and vivid screen. Colors get naturally reproduced, while the high HD resolution ensures that you get a stellar video watching experience. The iPhone is not as suitable in this department, as its screen is smaller and not as saturated. The same observations are also true for games and other such kind of multimedia, of course.

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