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HTC One S vs Apple iPhone 4S


HTC One S vs Apple iPhone 4S
Both the One S and the iPhone 4S deliver above average calling quality from their noise-canceling mics, with a slightly cleaner and stronger sound in the earpiece coming with HTC's handset. It has a less potent loudspeaker than the iPhone 4S, though, so you might miss a call if not nearby, or the phone is buried deeply in a handbag.

Both devices have sealed battery compartments, so you can't swap batteries on the One S as you might be used to with Android phones, but the 1650mAh performed almost on par with the iPhone 4S when playing video, breaking the 8 hours mark. When it comes to browsing, the iPhone 4S performs much better, since the AMOLED display chugs the battery juice like a hungover frat boy when displaying white backgrounds.

Thus in mixed use the iPhone 4S has an edge in battery life, but the HTC One S can still deliver a day of Android-ing with moderate use, thanks to its 28nm Snapdragon chipset, which is about the norm.


Long story short you can't go wrong with these two handsets – they perform very well and look good in the process. The iPhone 4S has this halo of an Apple product that is hard to beat for the guy on the street, but about the only area that the HTC One S is inferior to it is screen resolution and pixel density.

If you plan on watching plenty of videos, the One S is the better choice, though – it plays DivX/Xvid files up to 1080p out of the box and the larger screen, higher contrast and more vivid colors also make for a better video playback experience.

Thanks to its smaller screen and size, the iPhone 4S is more comfortable to operate with one hand. The  HTC One S is one of the most compact 4.3-inchers out there, but you can reach everywhere on the screen with your thumb only if you have larger hands.

Both handsets have non-removable batteries and no memory card slots now, but the iPhone 4S has versions with different amounts of internal storage, and in mixed usage its battery life is better. You pay top dollar for extra storage in it, though.

As far as price goes, the HTC One S is starting from about $550 without carrier subsidies, whereas the 16GB iPhone 4S can be had for $650 at Apple, or $600 at places like Amazon, and usually keeps value better than other smartphones. HTC phones used to hold their value pretty well, too, but what will happen with the new One series in that respect remains to be seen.

Overall the advantages of one of these handsets over the other are not with a large margin in any department, so your choice will boil down to Android or iOS, and personal design preferences, given the difference in dimensions.

HTC One S vs Apple iPhone 4S Video Comparison:


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