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HTC One (M8) vs LG G2



From our reviews, we already know that these two prized stallions are equipped to snap some sharp looking photos that are worthy for sharing via social networking. Yet again, HTC chooses to stick with its ‘UltraPixel’ camera for the new HTC One, which features a 4-megapixel 1/3” sensor, an f2.0 aperture lens, dual-LED flash, and BSI. Meanwhile, the LG G2 is donning a beefy sized 13-megapixel 1/3.06” sensor, f2.4 aperture lens, a single LED flash, and optical image stabilization.

If features and options are what you require when it comes to snapping photos, you won’t be disappointed by either device. First and foremost, we have to mention that the two camera apps offer us a wide array of manual controls – allowing us to adjust several settings like the ISO, white balance, exposure, and much more. Sure, they also lay claim to several shooting modes as well, but there are more ‘fun’ selections with the LG G2. It’s not to say that the HTC One M8 is inept, but most of its ‘fun’ is found post shot thanks to the various Duo Effects it offers, which really enhances its photos by utilizing the handset’s secondary camera that measures depth information, allowing for faux-bokeh and animated effects in the background.

Camera interface of the HTC One (M8) - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
Camera interface of the HTC One (M8) - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
Camera interface of the HTC One (M8) - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
Camera interface of the HTC One (M8) - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
Camera interface of the HTC One (M8) - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
Camera interface of the HTC One (M8) - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
Camera interface of the HTC One (M8) - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
Camera interface of the HTC One (M8) - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2

Camera interface of the HTC One (M8)

LG G2 camera UI - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
LG G2 camera UI - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
LG G2 camera UI - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2
LG G2 camera UI - HTC One (M8) vs LG G2

LG G2 camera UI

Comparing the same set of captured photos, we come to the ultimate conclusion that the LG G2 is quite simply the superior device for the occasion. We’re not saying that the HTC One can’t produce good-looking photos, which it can for outdoor settings with plenty of sunlight, but it’s lacking most in the details department. Naturally for the LG G2 and its higher 13-megapixel sensor, we can zoom into our photos or crop them, without losing too much detail in the process. Furthermore, we should note that LG’s flagship excels over its rivals in the areas of color reproduction and indoor shots as well.

Beating out the HTC One in many areas, it’s rather interesting to find the LG G2 being beneath the HTC One M8 when it comes to snapping photos under night time situations. Specifically, the HTC One M8 has a better balanced tone with its results – whereas with the LG G2, it typically casts a softer look. Despite that, we’re going to tip our hats to the LG G2 for having the superior overall results.

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Camera speed

Taking a pic (sec)Lower is better Taking an HDR pic (sec)Lower is better CamSpeed score Higher is better CamSpeed score with flash Higher is better
HTC One (M8) 2.3
No data
LG G2 4
View all

Recording high-definition 1080p videos on the other hand, the differentiator is mainly isolated to their night time production. Needless to say, we like the quality of the two phones with their daytime shots, but the LG G2 falters under low lighting situations with the absurd amount of motion blur evident throughout the video.


Functionally, the two music players deliver the same options when it comes to music playback, but when it comes to flaunting the snazzier looking player, we have to tip our hat to the HTC Sense 6.0 music player. Why’s that? Well, it simply has a more profound dynamic and animated quality, as there’s a snazzy looking visualizer running while a song is being player. In addition, it also provides us with a karaoke-like function with its ability to display lyrics.

Armed with dual front-firing speakers with HTC BoomSound, which directs the flow of audio towards us, instead of against us, the audio quality from the HTC One M8 is cleaner, more commanding, and basically punchier in tone. Taking all of those things into consideration, there’s no wonder why it trumps the LG G2 – more so with its peak audio output of 75.2 dB, versus the 66 dB mark of the LG G2.

Playing high definition 1080p videos with either device isn’t an issue, seeing that they play them flawlessly – aided also by their immaculate displays. However, we appreciate the HTC One M8’s dual front-firing speakers again, since its placement makes perfect sense when watching in landscape. Oppositely, the LG G2 has the useful function of being able to “minimize” a video, so that it can be played on top of other apps – giving it a practical multi-tasking element.

Audio output

Headphones output power (Volts)
Higher is better
HTC One (M8) 1.28
LG G2 0.29
Loudspeaker loudness (dB)
Higher is better
HTC One (M8) 75.2
LG G2 66
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posted on 03 Apr 2014, 06:42 2

1. papss (unregistered)

I loved the G2 when I had it but the build quality was lacking.. it creeked when you put any sort of pressure on it.

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 07:40

7. refillable (Posts: 1070; Member since: 10 Mar 2014)

what do you mean by 'creeked'?

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 08:36 1

8. papss (unregistered)

It squeeked like crazy and I didn't have a case on it so it was super annoying.. other than that it was a great phone.

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 09:33

9. refillable (Posts: 1070; Member since: 10 Mar 2014)

Really? I haven't heard about this, it's surely terrible. But, still better design than Samsung!

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 10:00

11. papss (unregistered)

With that being said I'm a LG fan regardless.

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 06:57 4

2. antonioli (Posts: 200; Member since: 08 Sep 2013)

Conclusion: HTC One 2104 competes with G2 directly.

Imagine when the G3 arrives.......

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 07:35

5. zuckerboy (banned) (Posts: 898; Member since: 22 Dec 2011)

yeah with sd card support and more performance than g2.. it will be the king

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 07:00 3

3. datphoneguy (Posts: 155; Member since: 15 Sep 2013)

Overall two very nice phones, each with its pros and cons but overall I don't think you can go wrong with either.

Although I'm a proud new owner of the M8, I admire how LG was able to create such a large screen in such a compact package.

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 07:23 1

4. Lifengineer (Posts: 44; Member since: 15 Dec 2011)

I own the G2 and still wanting the M8!
But honestly I can't find enough reasons to do so!
All there is, is sound and maybe feel in hand!
All the remaining, screen size, overall size, screen/size ratio, battery, software features, camera quality, etc...
However, still torn out, I still miss Sense and would really like to go back! But paying additional 300$ (selling g2 used and buying a new M8) is not an option at this time!

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 07:37 1

6. zuckerboy (banned) (Posts: 898; Member since: 22 Dec 2011)

g2 of course in my country g2 500$ cheaper than m8 :D g2=700$ m8=1250$

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 09:57 1

10. flipjzn (Posts: 257; Member since: 22 Jun 2012)

I wouldnt't trade my g2 for this m8!

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 10:02

12. papss (unregistered)

I like and have had both but prefer the m8..
I do hate the power button on the m8 though.. it's flush and doesn't do well until pushed hard..

posted on 03 Apr 2014, 12:01 1

13. Zack_2014 (Posts: 515; Member since: 25 Mar 2014)

G2 all the way!

posted on 25 Apr 2014, 05:33

14. spookgast (Posts: 1; Member since: 25 Apr 2014)

I'm all unstable about these two as a longterm user of a phone. The privious one was Samsung GS2, but in a sudden that decided to get retired. Now, in front of me stands a big decision (for me, of course). After a longlasting search and reading a ton of reviews, finally I'll grap one of these guys. I'm impressed by the camera and the interface features of the G2, but by the call clarity, BoomsSound and the ability to display lyrics of the M8.

I've not personally tired none of two...

Which of the features above gets ahead of the rest? Is the call clarity of G2 much worse than M8? or the camera quality of M8 than G2?

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