HTC One (M8) vs HTC One (M7)


Call Quality

HTC didn’t need to do too much with its latest flagship, just because last year’s HTC One already proved itself to be one fantastic device for phone calls. In fact, the good fortunes extend to the new HTC One as well, as its earpiece and speakerphone produce strong and vibrant voices that are easily audible in even the noisiest of environments. Better yet, the quality with both is mostly noise-free – placing even more emphasis on those wonderful toned voices.


This is certainly one area we were most surprised about, even more when the M7’s battery life didn’t amount to anything better than average results. Come to think about it, the significantly improved battery life of the M8 is attributed to the combination of having a larger 2600 mAh battery, up from the 2300 mAh from before, and its newer processor. Factoring in the battery optimizations in play with the Snapdragon 801 chipset, it powers the M8 to eclipse its predecessor in dramatic fashion. In fact, when we look at our battery benchmark tests, the HTC One M8’s tally of 7 hours, 12 minutes, blows away the 5 hours, 45 minutes figure of its predecessor.


HTC hit the mark in several areas with the M8, proving to us that they’re able to improve upon the foundation set forth by its predecessor. Even with all of the improvements, like its speedier performance, more stylish looks, and longer battery life, we can’t help but think about its camera. To tell you the truth, that’s single handedly the one thing we were hoping to see the most dramatic improvements. Rather, the generally quality of its photos remained unchanged before – enhanced instead by the myriad of duo effects courtesy of that secondary camera.

Now comes the matter of pricing, something that always becomes the focal point for any consumer purchase. The new HTC One M8 is going on sale for $200 with a 2-year contract with most carriers – a befitting mark for a brand spanking new flagship smartphone. In contrast, the M7 can probably be picked up for dirt cheap nowadays. Heck, it’s likely that it can be found for free even, depending on where you look naturally! Bearing that in mind, it’s only fitting for budget conscious individuals to pick up the older model, but if cost is not an issue, then it’s only logical to snag HTC’s latest flagship.

Quite simply, that’s probably going to be the biggest deciding factor. All roads point to the obvious here, where it’s painstakingly clear to pick up the newer device if you fancy the most cutting edge thing. You won’t be disappointed either, since improvements are seen in pretty much all aspects of the smartphone. Well, that still doesn’t mean you should totally disregard the aging model, seeing that it’s still a capable smartphone in itself. For what it’s worth, it can still tangle with some of the best – albeit, probably not at the highest capacity like its successor.



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