HTC One (M8) vs HTC One (M7)



You’d think that after having a year to develop its next-generation flagship smartphone, HTC would’ve made some incremental changes to the camera. Sadly though, that’s not the case, seeing that the new HTC One M8 packs along the same-spec'd camera as its predecessor – a 4-megapixel “UltraPixel” camera that features a 1/3” sensor, f2.0 aperture lens, and a backslide illuminated sensor. Well, they did happen to complement it with a dual-LED flash and a secondary camera that’s strictly purposed for measuring depth information, however, the new model lacks optical image stabilization that its predecessor features.

Fortunately, we’re happy to see that HTC decided to update the camera UI of the new HTC One M8. With the M7’s camera interface, it seemed a little confusing with its layout – especially when the functions of the camera and video have been combined into the same menu layout. Instead, HTC opted to separate the two completely, making for a more logical organization.

Snapping the same set of photos with each camera, it doesn’t surprise us to realize that the quality between them is identical – in all lighting conditions even! On one hand, we can vouch that the images put out by them are pleasant enough to share via our usual social networking outlets. However, the most pressing matter is just their inability to capture the sharp fine details as some of the other contemporary flagships in the space. Indeed, photos taken under sunny conditions produce the best results, but they fail to deliver anything tangible under low lighting conditions. Again, their qualities don’t differentiate from one another, as they generally compose images that are bright and with minimal noise distortion.

Likewise, their 1080p video recording qualities mirror one another as well, as they deliver charming results when lighting is plentiful. When lighting becomes sparse, the quality naturally takes a dip with the two.

Frankly speaking, this is the biggest disappointment we have with the newer HTC One M8. One expects marginal improvement in quality, but it’s nowhere in sight as we meticulously go through our samples. The saving grace for the new model, of course, is the various duo effects that can be applied once a shot is taken by the M8 – something that’s achieved with the help of that secondary camera. Using this unique feature, we’re permitted to emphasize different sections of our photos so that anything outside of the selected area is touched up with that bokeh-like blur effect. In addition, there are even more cool effects available with the HTC One M8 that enhances its quality over its predecessor.


Visually, there’s only one single thing noticeable that differentiates the music players of Sense 5.5 and 6.0 – it’s the colored theme accent placed at the top of the Sense 6.0 music player. And that’s about it, seeing that everything else is identical. Compared to other camera UIs, these two players are astounding for their stylish presentation, one that’s dynamic, thanks to the option of having a visualizer player and ability to display the lyrics as a song is being played.

Sporting that signature look, these two feature stereo front-firing speakers with HTC BoomSound. Strangely, we were actually shocked to find out that the HTC One M7’s speaker is technically the stronger one, since it’s able to churn out a maximum level of 78.2 dB measured with white noise – in comparison to the 73.9 dB mark of its successor. However, we prefer the quality from the M8, mainly because it produces the clearer, richer, and more commanding tones. As for the M7, its quality is still likeable, though a bit more subdued in tone. However, when the Beats Audio mode is turned off with the M7, its audio output is clearly flat.

Obviously, the two are more than equipped to play high definition videos without any fluff. As much as we enjoy using the two, our eyes continue to stray over to the HTC One M8’s display more, not only for the larger size, but for the iridescent glow surrounding it. That by itself shows the kind of subtle improvement needed to show people that the newer model has some tricks up its sleeve.


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