HTC One M8 for Windows Review

Call Quality

With its signature speakers, conversations are easily conducted due to its powerful output.

As the earpiece is actually one of the stereo speakers, it really lends some help in the calling quality performance of the phone. Not only are voices exquisitely loud and commanding, but they’re for the most part clear and noise-free – making it very easy to hear our callers in extremely noisy environments. Lucky for us, that’s also the case switching it to speakerphone mode, where its dual front-firing speakers deliver a potent mixture of power and clarity. Lastly, our callers also benefit by being greeted to voices on their end of the line that are robust and lively.


Same battery capacity, same results – so its performance is better than average.

Going with the same sized battery as before, a spacious 2600 mAh capacity one, it’s enough to easily get us through a solid one-day with no worries about being at a critical level before bedtime. Indeed, there’s a “battery saver” mode that’s available if you’re concerned, but it doesn’t see the same level of strictness that we find with the Android-powered M8’s “extreme power saving mode.”

minutes Lower is better
HTC One (M8) for Windows
Nokia Lumia 930
Samsung Galaxy S5


Getting down to business, there’s no arguing that HTC is once again in the game of making Windows Phone smartphones. After a lengthy wait since its last offering, we’re relieved to see that they’re able to deliver a polished, high-end phone that’s competitive in the space. However, there’s still a part of us that wishes for something original – rather than just taking the original flagship, and swapping out the software for Windows Phone 8.1. You can say that it’s a lazy approach, but nevertheless, it’s just nice to see them in the game again.

Sporting a promotional price point of $99.99 out of the gate, it’s absolutely relieving to find this “new” phone being competitive. Despite the aggressive approach, we have to point out that a formidable option, the Nokia Lumia Icon, is available for free through Verizon – so that’s something to think about. On top of that, we also have to mention other elites in the Windows Phone space, like the Lumia 930 and 1520, which have proven to be fully-equipped offerings.

All in all, the HTC One M8 for Windows reestablishes HTC as a premier force in the Windows Phone landscape, one that’s been dominated by Nokia of course. For all of its prowess, it just doesn’t feel “new” enough to give it a leg up over the existing competition. Specifically, its camera quality just can’t compare to the stuff that Nokia’s PureView cameras on its high-end Windows Phones are capable of producing. Stick with it if you’re in love with its design! If not, you ought to think about some of the aforementioned models as an alternative.

Software version of the review unit:
Software: Windows Phone 8.1 update
OS Version: 8.10.14141.167


  • Premium construction that looks very different from other Windows Phones
  • HTC enhances the software with its signature Sense experiences
  • $100 promotional price is an aggressive mark for a new, high-end phone
  • Fantastic call quality


  • The functions with the HTC apps are reduced in comparison to their Android counterparts
  • Its camera quality is still soft with its detail

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