Using the two tablets with Wi-Fi connectivity only and setting their brightness to automatic, they’re both able to present us with the same amount of battery life. On normal usage, which consists primarily of emailing, web surfing, and occasionally watching YouTube videos, we’re able to get almost two days of usage on a single charge. Fortunately, we’re more than happy with the amount of playing time we’re able to get out of both tablets. However, we’re curious to see what kind of results we get when comparing the two with cellular connectivity – especially when the Jetstream packs 4G LTE connectivity. As we’ve seen with other LTE devices, they seemingly have an insatiable appetite for battery.


Being the newest kid on the block definitely has its advantages, and it really shows with the HTC Jetstream as it excels in shooting photos & videos, packs support for AT&T’s 4G LTE network, and incorporates HTC Scribe Technology. Moreover, the HTC Sense for tablet experience offers a lot of usefulness with its depth – despite its choppy appearance at times. Even in the face of stiff competition, the iPad 2 remains the most relevant tablet on the market thanks to its eye-catching looks and well-rounded performance. However, pricing is always something that can dictate success or failure with any product.

Boasting a pricey $849.99 outright cost, it’s very hard to try and dish out the hard earned money to pick up the tablet that has the notoriety of being AT&T’s first 4G LTE enabled tablet. At $120 more than the comparably equipped 3G-enabled 32GB version of the iPad 2, it seems warranted because it sports beefier hardware specs under the hood. Still, if you don’t require any of those fancy luxuries, then the iPad 2 will be a reasonable choice as well since it continues to remain at the top of the ladder in this competitive market.

HTC Jetstream vs Apple iPad 2:

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