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Absolutely no denying it, the HTC Jetstream is hands-down the tablet you’ll want to pick if you’re interested in snapping a few photos. Generally, higher megapixel count doesn’t mean it’ll translate to better quality, but in this specific scenario, the Jetstream’s 8-megapixel shooter easily beats out the paltry less than 1-megapixel count of the iPad 2. In almost every situation, the Jetstream produces the better looking images with its sharper details and neutral looking color production – and it helps that the dual-LED flash is there to lighten things up. On the opposite end, the iPad 2’s results are downright appalling with lots of graininess, muddy appearance, and lack of fine detail. Seriously, the results are literally night and day between the two.

Not surprisingly, the same thing can be said about their high-definition video capture as the Jetstream easily flies by the competition with its higher 1080p video capture. Specifically, we’re treated to visuals that are significantly more appealing to the eye with its clear audio recording, smooth capture rate of 30 frames per second, and a sufficient amount of detail to visibly make things out. Meanwhile, the iPad 2 fails to capture our attention with its ridiculously muddy appearance and lower 720p capture resolution.

HTC Jetstream Sample Video:

Apple iPad 2 Sample Video:

Playing some tunes, there is nothing pretty to say about their respective music players since they’re straightforward in presentation and don’t employ any enticing visual effects – still, they’re more than functional. Interestingly, the single speaker of the iPad 2 and the two speakers of the Jetstream provide the same level of audio quality. From the sound of it, they produce loud and robust tones that don’t crackle at the loudest volume setting.

Naturally, both tablets are more than equipped to playing back high-definition videos with barely any falter, but we slightly prefer the experience found with the HTC Jetstream with its 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s not to say that the 4:3 one in use with the iPad 2 is bad, but rather, the widescreen format of the Jetstream is more favorable to most movies. Nevertheless, they exhibit a lot of clear details, punchy looking colors, and buttery smooth playback.

As we mentioned earlier, neither tablets offer dedicated HDMI-out ports for video out – instead, you gain the function by using separate adapters. Sure it’s not as convenient as other tablets sporting dedicated microHDMI-out ports, but we still find it acceptable.

In addition to the 32GB of internal memory available with the Jetstream, it offers us the ability to expand it with its built-in microSD card slot, which is astoundingly helpful in quickly supplementing its capacity. Oppositely, the iPad 2 doesn’t offer memory expansion, but it’s available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB selections.


Out of the box, the HTC Jetstream is packed to the brim with some very useful apps that really accentuate its usefulness in different categories. For the business oriented consumers, it’s nice to find Polaris Office available to quickly edit and create various Microsoft Office files. Additionally, movie buffs will also love HTC Watch with its library of videos that can be either purchased or rented at a cost. And without a doubt, HTC Scribe Technology allows the Jetstream to turn into a notepad with the aid of the optional HTC Stylus Pen. Looking at all the available apps out of the box with the Jetstream, the iPad 2 is looking mightily meager at this point.

Since it’s an Android powered device, the Jetstream gets the love with other Google branded apps – like Google Maps and YouTube. Actually, the apps on the iPad 2 are seemingly functional at their core, but they lack the breadth of deep integration with other core apps. With things like 3D maps view with Google Maps on the Jetstream, it doesn’t surprise us that it gets a lot of the love in this category.

Even though the iPad 2 might not come preloaded with many third party apps, both the App Store and Android Market are filled to the brim with a variety of free and paid ones to further the experience. Yet, we’re still waiting for more tablet-optimized apps for Honeycomb as the iPad 2 clearly boasts a good amount right now than its competition.

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